Relaxing with Violet

This guest post is by the lovely Violet LeBeaux.  It’s been a pretty hectic month around here, and I thought we could all do with a little bit of advice from gorgeous Violet on how to take a load off (in style!).


by Violet LeBeaux

There are some days when absolutely nothing seems to work the way it should. Work explodes into a hot sticky mess, your hair won’t sit right no matter how much hair spray you use, there is nothing but spam in your inbox and you have a migraine the size of China. I am having one of those weeks!

So what to do in this situation but take a little time to yourself and relax.

If you’re anything like me you’re not very good at relaxing. I am the kind of person that needs t do like 10 things at once or I’ll get bored and feel unproductive. So this is my guide to relaxing.

Life can be very tiring!

This is my secret relaxation kit, what you can see is:
-Pot of tea (blueberry)
-Tea cup (the cutest one you can find), milk and sugar
-Face and hair masks
-Sleep mask
-Nail polish and toe separators
-Bueno (Damn it Bueno sponsor me already so I can have free ones!)
-Cute silver tray to carry it all on.
-Advil to remove horrible headache or something stronger if needed

-Water bottle
-Tv with Judge Judy on because she is hilarious
-Body butter for massages
-Boyfriend to apply said body butter, nail polish, pour tea, feed Bueno etc.

All of this should be done in bed with lots of comfy pillows or on a relaxing couch in front of the tv.

-Make a pot of tea and collect all the needed equipment
-Have a warm relaxing shower and wash your hair out, hime styles can be very tough on your hair with all of the spraying and teasing so give some love back to it!

-Apply the hair mask according to the instructions and clip your hair back to let it dry.

My favorite brand of facial mask is Montagne Jeunesse but they are all pretty much the same so just get whichever is available to you. This one is a self heating one.

It looks super gross.

Apply the mask according to the instructions, make sure to check how long you need to leave it on for.

At this point you probably look like a swamp monster so take a moment to enjoy that feeling. This effect works even better if you haven’t shaved your legs for ages 😉

Now while the face mask is setting you can take the time to paint your toe nails. If you wear high heels all the time you could also take the time to give your feet a massage, feet take a lot of weight so treat them nicely!

My poor feet are covered in blisters at the moment because I wore some heels without stockings one day ;_;

If you want them to look extra special add some diamantes or a cool konad design.

Now I usually make the tea so it has a chance to cool while I take off my face mask. I like lots of sugar!
Having a cute tea pot is very important 😛

And don’t forget the Buenos! There is one for me, one for James… or maybe both for me!

Before you eat you should wash all of the face mask off. Your skin should feel smooth and beautiful. Then you can enjoy your tea 😀

And if you feel like it you can take a nap! Naps are awesome, more people should take naps.

Shh I’m trying to sleep!

At the end of this you should be very chilled!

So what do you do to relax when you’re having a crap day?

Don’t forget to visit Violet’s blog.  You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  She also has two  flippin’ sweet Youtube channels (one for tutorials and one for vlogs).


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