26th birthday!

On Saturday, I celebrated my 26th birthday.  It was without a doubt one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.  I got so many gorgeous presents, so many happy phone calls, so many hugs and kisses and so many birthday wishes.  I felt surrounded with love.  And really, in my opinion, that’s how everyone should feel on their birthday.  I count myself very lucky.

The day kicked off with breakfast in bed, followed by morning tea with my family at the art gallery.  Afterwards, I had much fun relaxing at home and being visited by various friends and family members.

That evening, I had a Harry Potter themed party.  I re-used my Luna Lovegood costume. We ate bucketloads of sweets and played so many games: Harry Potter trivia, charades, celebrity heads and Pin the Scar on Harry.  My birthday ended with me curled up in the lounge room with my boyfriend, my brother and some of my closest friends, watching The Muppets.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

I have plenty of photos to share with you as well!  Here we go!

My cake, made by Ross, was a total masterpiece.  I loved it.

The poster for “Pin the scar on Harry”.  Ross was the winner.

I got this beetle ring from my parents.

And this one was from Pernickity Pony.

Ross’s parents got me this adorable silver cat.  His head bobbles and his tail is a ring-holder.  Genius!

Ross got me a bunch of amazing commissioned artwork.  I got a bunch of Tank Girl drawings from a variety of different artists.  Ross sent them pictures of me in my Tank Girl costume, and they used those as reference material.

Chibi Tank Girl by Pou-Bee.


Drawn by Chris McQuinlan.  Coloured by Ross Campbell.

By Seonidas

By Eryck Webb


Tank Girl by Eryck Webb

Ross also got me a series of Avengers artwork, based on the Avengers Style post I did a while back, and a set of Muppets prints, based on this post.  Not all of them are finished though, so I’ll show you those ones once I’ve got the lot.

So all in all, it was a pretty incredible birthday.  Thankyou so much to all the lovely people who sent birthday cards, messages, hugs and gifts.  I truly appreciate it.


    • I love it all. I haven’t even shown you all of it! There’s still loads more to come. It was a really great day. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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