Daily outfit 4/6/2012: Did I do that?

If there’s one fashion decade that I tend to steer clear of, it’s the 80’s.   I’ll happily deck myself out with relics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but I balk a little when it comes to the 80’s.  It’s a decade that has just a bit too much pouf, a bit too much frou-frou for my liking.  This past weekend though,  I had to renounce my 80’s-hating ways when I found this gem of a sweater in my local Salvation Army store:


It’s bright red, it’s got batwing sleeves and a huge embellished design on the front.  And it was only $5.  It had to be mine.  Also, I’m 90% sure that this baby is handmade, which only makes it more special.



I am wearing:

– Red embellished 80’s jumper (thrifted)

– Mid-wash denim jeans from Target

– Cats-eye glasses from Clearly Contacts

– Amethyst ring

– Two-tone brogues from Rubi shoes

-Radish earrings from Etsy



All weekend, I was calling this jumper my ‘Cosby jumper’  for the obvious reasons.  Fun fact: as a kid, I always hated Vanessa Huxtable, because she was the only person I’d ever come across with the same name as me.  I hated sharing my name.  Even now, I’ve only ever met a handful of people named Vanessa.  I’m pleased my parents didn’t give me the name they’d originally chosen for me, which was Jessica.  There are a million Jessicas in the world and I don’t think my tiny-child mind could have coped with sharing my moniker with that many people.


When I was putting this outfit together, I noticed that the brogues I’d chosen were not unlike the ones worn by Urkel.  I reasoned that this made them an obvious choice to wear with this jumper.

I’m not sure that I would ever have advised anyone to channel Bill Cosby and Steve Urkel in the same outfit, but I’m really glad I went there.  This was so much fun to wear.


I wore this outfit to visit the art gallery for afternoon tea with Ross.  Afterwards, we went home to snuggle on the couch and watch another gem from the 80’s- The Young Ones.


  1. That jumper is AMAZING! As we are packing up to move, I just found one of my fave toys as a kid, and that was a 15″ Urkel doll! Sadly, he has lost his glasses, but I LOLd so hard that I had an Urkel doll!

    • I had no idea they even made an Urkel doll! That’s fantastic.
      My brother used to have an MC Hammer doll when we were kids, but I have no idea what happened to it. I’m sure it’s still kicking about somewhere.

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