Daily outfit: Feelin’ good was easy ’nuff when he sang the blues

Today’s outfit is inspired by the lovely Janis Joplin.  I had her in mind when I put it together, and I’ve been listening to her Pearl album while I’m writing this post.  Oh, I love her husky voice and tortured lyrics.  Her clothes were damn gorgeous too.


It occurs to me that I’ve had this top for ages, but I haven’t blogged it yet.  My mum bought it for me on one of our random outings, and I just adore it.  It’s so floaty and funky.  I’m a big fan of the assymetrical hem too.  Even though this top is very summery, I’ve been determined to wear it even in the cold months.  To make it a bit warmer, I’ve popped a bodysuit underneath.



I am wearing: Blue silk headscarf (thrifted)

– White lace shirt from Yuux

-Black bodysuit from Supre

– Embroidered jeans from Just Jeans

-Red platform shoes (thrifted)

– Assorted silver rings, bangles and beaded bracelets

– Amethyst earrings.

-Silver pocketwatch from Rose and Mr Brown



I have a great love of clothes that move when you do.  I like light, floaty, airy bits that flutter in the wind and sweep with every gesticulation.  They make me feel like a gypsy queen, or a 1960’s blues icon.





Have an awesome day!


    • Thanks. It was a random gift from my mother, and I truly adore it. It’s starting to get too cold to wear it now though, so I’m trying to think of some new ways to style it for winter.

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