Product review: Glasses from Clearly Contacts

Did you ever see the movie Ghost World?  In that film, the myopic protagonist, Enid, has an extensive wardrobe of spectacles.  She wears  a different pair in practically every scene.  Her glasses come in all shapes and sizes.  When I first found out that I needed glasses, I imagined cultivating a selection of glasses just like Enid.  The only problem is, glasses can be really pricey.  I usually get two pairs when I get my eyes checked; a basic black pair and then something more colourful as a spare.  I’ve never really had the chance to experiment with fashion frames before.

That is, until Clearly Contacts offered to send me a pair of prescription glasses to try out.  I jumped at the opportunity to grab myself some funky new eyewear.

Clearly Contacts have a massive range of frames to choose from.  When I first visited their site, I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer variety of glasses they have available.  Luckily, the site is beautifully organized, so it’s really easy to find what you’re searching for.  You can sort frames by gender, brand, colour, style or frame shape to make choosing a breeze.  I loved the fact that you can create a list of ‘favorites’ as you’re browsing .  I went through all of the ladies’ glasses, highlighting the ones I liked best.

Creating a list of my favorite frames really helped to narrow my selection.  After browsing through more than 800 different frames, I had added 24 to my favorites list.  I noticed that there was a very distinct theme to my choices, and most of the frames on my favorites list were cats-eye glasses.  I have wanted a pair of cats-eye glasses for ages, and after a lot of umming and aahing, I finally settled on a pair of Love glasses in black.

One of the reasons I’ve hesitated to buy glasses online is the fact that you aren’t able to try them on.  Luckily, Clearly Contacts have thought of this, and have a fantastic try-on feature.  You can upload your photograph, so that you can see how each pair of frames looks on you.  It’s not exactly the same as trying them on in a shop, but you get a really good idea whether the shape, size and shade of the frames suit your face.  After trying the glasses on my photograph, I was satisfied that they were a good match.  I headed to the checkout.

Ordering prescription glasses is a breeze with Clearly Contacts.  You simply plug your prescription details into the form provided.  The website gives really clear instructions on how to read your prescription and transpose it into the form.  You are also given the option of selecting what type of lenses you’d like.  I chose standard lenses, but you can select from a plethora of different coatings and lense types depending on your individual needs.


My glasses arrived six business days after I ordered them, which is fabulously fast.  The glasses came packaged in a sturdy hard case.  I was also sent a little spectacle care kit, which contained a cleaning cloth, cleaning spray and a tiny screwdriver.  Inside the box was a sheet of instructions to tell you how to adjust your glasses if the fit wasn’t quite right.

I haven’t needed to use my kit though, because my glasses fit me perfectly.  The prescription is exactly right and the frames look great.  I couldn’t be happier!  I’m really looking forward to wearing these with some of my vintage outfits, or with some punk-inspired ensembles to channel my inner Enid.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Clearly Contacts site.  They have a massive range of frames, excellent prices, easy ordering process and fast delivery.  Best of all, the glasses I recieved were as good as any I’ve gotten from my optometrist.  

I would definitely order from Clearly Contacts again.  In fact, I’m currently contemplating a super-cute pair of purple frames.  I plan on getting my next set of contact lenses from Clearly Contacts as well.  With their awesome prices, my dream of owning a whole wardrobe of glasses isn’t seeming as implausable as it once did.

If you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, I would certainly recommend giving Clearly Contacts a try.


    • Ah yes. With cat’s-eye glasses there is the danger that you can venture a little too far into “Dame Edna Territory”. I’m very pleased with these though.

  1. They are great, aren’t they! I have two pairs from them and I get complemented on them a lot! I love that they are such a great price, you can afford to have a bit of a selection with your glasses.

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