A gripe about housework

I can honestly say that I’ve never been referred to as a ‘domestic goddess’.  And there’s a good reason for that.  Even though I’m not a messy person, I’m also not a huge fan of housework.  My motivation for chores comes in fits and bursts, and I usually lose focus within forty minutes of starting any kind of cleaning.  My house looks presentable, but it’s far from spotless.  It seems as though there are some household tasks that are always done quickly and some which never seem to get touched.  I think it’s because there are some chores I like doing, and some which I hate…


Chores I hate:

The dishes

My most hated household chore is the dishes.  Standing about for ages with my hands soaking in slimy, sudsy water, scraping half-eaten porridge from plates is not my idea of a good time.  In fact, it makes me feel downright nauseated.  Plus, dishes just seem to take forever.  You never seem to be able to enjoy the results for long because there’s always some jackass that decides to make a cup of coffee four minutes after the dishes is done (although to be fair, that jackass is usually me).


Cleaning the kitty litter

There’s only one thing I don’t love about having cats, and that’s having to deal with the litter tray.  It’s messy, smelly and revolting.  I’ve actually contemplated training my cats to use the toilet, because I find cleaning the loo much less traumatic.  However, I decided that having two cats who know how to poop in the can but can’t flush is just too creepy for me to handle.


Paying the bills

I am a total tightarse when it comes to money.  I hate parting with it.  Even when I’m spending the money on things that are vitally important- like rent and electricity.  It breaks my heart to see my bank balance being nibbled away as I pay each bill.  I try to do it in record time so that I have to spend only the smallest amount of time possible looking at my dwindling cash supply.


Jobs I like:



I can’t explain why, but I absolutely adore doing the laundry.  I like sorting the clothes, popping them in the machine, hanging them out and then ironing and folding them when they’re dry.  It’s almost therapeutic for me in a way.  I actually get a tiny rush when I see there are enough dirty clothes in the basket to do a load of washing.  I think perhaps that I just love clothes, and laundry is like paying service to the garments that have kept me warm and stylish throughout the week.



Vacuuming used to be one of my despised jobs, until I bought this new-fangled cyclonic vacuum machine last year.  It sucks up all the dirt, grit and hair from the carpet with very little effort.  I like that I can do a quick vac and everything looks instantly cleaner.  I like jobs where you can actually see the progress quickly.



I am a total kitchen freak.  I take great pleasure in chopping up ingredients, wizzing them up together, stirring, baking and frying.  It’s kind of relaxing and a great opportunity to get creative.  I love eating, and cooking is the precursor to that, so it makes sense that I like it so much.  I’m a pretty good cook too, if I do say so myself.  I get a certain amount of satisfaction when I’m complimented on my cooking, even if I haven’t made anything super flash.


What about you?  What household chores do you love and loathe?


  1. I loathe them all, lol. They only get done because they are necessary not to be a disgusting slob, lol.

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