Things I Love Thursday 10/5/2012

It’s time for another edition of Things I Love Thursday!  Today I awoke to find the sun streaming in through the bedroom window.  It’s been such a lovely change from the dreary rain we’ve had the past few days.  What’s even better is that I had the day off, so I was able to properly enjoy the sunshine.


Today, I felt like playing around with textures.  So I chose items from my wardrobe that give a range of different tactile sensations: from tough and leathery to furry to silky soft.  This is the outfit that resulted:





I am wearing:

– Black hoodie from Cotton On

– Red and black striped tee shirt from Cotton On

– Black corset (gifted)

– Black velvet skirt (thrifted)

– Black cotton tights from Target

– Black mororcycle gloves (gift from my friend Tom)

– Starry night pendant (thrifted)

– Cheetah print loafers from Target



It’s been a really fun outfit to wear.


This Thursday, I Love:

– My brother, who came over to my house to mow my lawn for me.


– Ross, who made me breakfast in bed a couple of times this week, and has provided me with endless hugs and kisses.


– Dressing up as Jay for Free Comic Book Day, and spending the day swearing my head off.


– My slow cooker


– Winning!  Last week I won a Hello Kitty competition over on Violet’s blog, and my swag arrived a couple of days ago:


I got a lovely lipgloss, a nail varnish and a nifty travel brush,



as well as an eye shadow, a sharpener and a gorgeous compact mirror.  ‘m always excited to get packages in the mail, and even more so when they’re full of Hello Kitty goodies!


-Seeing a sneaky little rabbit race across my path as I walked through the rose gardens on the weekend.  It was a very Alice in Wonderland moment.


-Finally, this interview of me by Pernickity Pony.  Her blog, All The Pretty Ponies, is all about My Little Pony and it is seriously gorgeous. 


What are you loving this week, gorgeous face?  Slinky stockings?  Lemon pie?  Dancing in the street?  Don’t be shy, share the love!

Please leave a comment.

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