Daily outfit: Snoochie Boochies!

This past Saturday marked a day that is held sacred to all comic book collectors: Free Comic Book Day.   Basically, on FCBD, all the comic book stores in the country get a buttload of free swag to give away to their adoring customers.  Ross and I decided to journey to Melbourne and spend FCBD at All Star Comics, which is my favorite comic book store.

Last year’s FCBD was a bit of a disappointment for me.  It was the first year that All Star had been open, and we weren’t expecting much fanfare.  Most other comic book stores don’t make a huge deal out of FCBD.  However, All Star made a huge effort, offering free candy, awesome deals on comics and competitions.  The thing that was disappointing to me was that I wasn’t aware that there was going to be a costume contest, so I didn’t dress up.  DOH!  I can’t believe I missed out on the opportunity to dress in costume.

SO this year, I was determined to come up with an awesome outfit.  When I floated the idea to Ross, he was keen to take part, and even suggested that we come up with a couples costume idea.  Normally, I find couples costumes to be a bit cringe-worthy.  It’s hard to come up with something that isn’t too cheesy.  I think we hit the nail on the head, when we decided to dress as our favorite mischief-making, monkey-stealing hatchet-men: Jay and Silent Bob.


For those of you who don’t know what the eff I’m talking about, Jay and Silent Bob are a comedy duo portrayed by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in most of Kevin Smith’s films.  They appear in Clerks and Clerks 2, Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma.  The characters usually only have minor roles, in some cases appearing in only one scene.  In 2002 they finally scored their own feature-length film: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  Their humour famously revolves around “weed, dick and fart jokes”.   Silent Bob rarely speaks, while Jay talks at great length.

Smiles like somebody shit in their cereal


This was such an easy and awesomely fun costume.  For me, at least.  I don’t think Ross relished spending the day traipsing about with a pillow shoved up his jumper.  I had a great time though.  There was much swearing, cussing, dancing and air-kicking going on.

Knock it off!


We actually got a bit of a shock when we headed upstairs to All Star.  I’ve never seen a comic book store so packed!  In addition to having all the FCBD titles on offer, All Star also had a bunch of very talented artists doing sketches and signing their work.  They’d put on an excellent show for their second year in business.  It was a really great day.


Happy FCBD Internet!  (What the F*&% is the internet?)


  1. […] – Giving Ross his Valentine’s present early.  I am terrible at keeping secrets, and that goes double when it comes to presents.  I adore giving gifts, and I hate knowing that I’ve got something that’s going to make someone happy, which I can’t give to them.  I bought Ross both editions of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old on DVD.  Because we both love Jay and Silent Bob.  When we first started dating, one of the things we used to do all the time was watch the View Askew movies while making out.  Oh, I also chose it because sometimes Ross and I do this. […]

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