5 ways to add polish to a casual outfit.

Picture this:  it’s the weekend.  You’ve been hanging about the house in your comfy jeans and a trusty sweater when you realise you need to pop down to the shops.  Or you get a phone call from your bestie inviting you out for coffee.  You don’t want to spend ages fussing about with your outfit, but you also don’t want to step out looking like a slob.  What’s a lass to do?  Never fear, because I have 5 simple twists that will take a super-casual outfit from blah to va-va-voom in under two minutes. 


1. Add a bright lip.

Bright lipstick is the ultimate in lazy makeup.  Although it seems high-maintenence, it’s actually one of the best makeup short cuts ever.  A quick swipe of a bright shade will instantly make you look like you’ve made an effort with your makeup.  Choose a shade that flatters your skin tone, such as red, pink or plum.  Slick it on for a pop of colour and a look that’s decidedly more polished.


2. Tie a knot.


If you’re wearing anything baggy or loose, a fast way to make it look more fitted is to tie a knot in it.  Make that slouchy tee form-fitted by knotting it at the back or side.  Turn a maxi skirt into a midi by knotting the side.  Tie the fronts of your button-down shirt together over a singlet.  If all else fails, knot a scarf over your hair and you’re good to go!


3. Throw a hat on.

The addition of a hat will do wonders for a casual outfit.  It will hide messy weekend hair, pull your look together and quickly make you look more fashion-y.  My weekend hat of choice is a beret, which can quickly be pulled on to spruce up a dull outfit.  Go for bold prints, bright colours or sparkles for extra pop, or stick with neautrals for a classic twist.  Turbans are also incredible for knocking your outfit up a notch with practically no effort.


4. Slide into some eye-catching legwear.

If you’re hanging out in a comfy dress or skirt and you have to pop out, the best way to improve your outfit is to choose an awesome pair of stockings to throw on with them.  Pick a pair in a bold hue that compliment your outfit.  Funky textures are also great for adding interest.  If you aren’t one to wear tights, try leggings or even an awesome pair of socks.  They’ll keep you warm, jazz up your ensemble and hide your unshaven legs.



5. Opt for funky flats.

When you’re trying to chill out, comfort is paramount.  You want footwear that’s comfortable and flat, but not boring and drab.  Rather than slipping into your trusty black ballet flats or worn-to-death sneakers, why not take a pair of cute loafers, bright booties or funky oxfords for a spin around the block.  You’ll be comfortable and look awesome without trying at all.


What is your favorite way to look dressed-up when you don’t want to put in much effort?



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