Things I Love Thursday 26/4/2012


Brr!  Autumn has officially hit Benalla, and I’ve been freezing my backside off this week.  It’s odd to think that this time last week I was happily bouncing about in short sleeves and bare legs! 


I am wearing:

– White faux fur stole (thrifted)

– Black tuxedo jacket (gift from my parents)

– Pink and black bustier from Target

– Hot pink pencil skirt from Supre

– Black opaque tights from Target

– Black stilettos from Nine West

– Amethyst ring

– Amethyst chandelier earrings

– Silver filigree bangle.



I adore this stole.  It’s one of the warmest things I own.  I love the fact that popping this around my shoulders is basically the equivalent of walking around wrapped in a blanket- only classier. 



This Thursday, I Love:

–        Melbourne!  Ross and I made a flying visit to the city on the weekend to see his sister for her birthday.  We also did loads of shopping and ate at several of our favourite restaurants.  It was total bliss.

–         Seeing Sam, my former housemate.  I haven’t seen her since the day I moved out, and I finally got to catch up with her on the weekend.  Although I really love living with Ross, sometimes I miss living with Sam.  She’s an absolute gem.


–         Unexpected rainbows.


–         Taking photos of creepy houses

–         Sparkling apple juice

–         Community.  Have you watched this show?  If not, get off your butt and grab yourself a copy at once.  It’s the funniest thing I’ve watched this year, without a doubt.


–         Ducks.  I went for a walk around the lake last week, and I saw this adorable little dude foraging for worms in the mud.  The lake is normally teeming with ducks, but as the water has been mostly drained out so that the council can repair the bridge, there aren’t so many around at the moment.

–         Purple and pink roses.

–         Krang’s laugh

–         Reminiscing about the Samurai Pizza Cats with friends who grew up in the 90’s.


What are you loving this week, sweetheart?  Don’t be shy, add your list here and make it awesome!

Please leave a comment.

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