Daily outfit: 20/4/2012

I came home from work today in a really cranky-pants mood.  My shift had dragged on forever, and I had wanted to get out of there from the moment I walked in.  On the way home, I was trying hard to think of something I could do this afternoon to cheer myself up. Then it occured to me.

What I need to pick me up is a ridiculous amount of skirt volume.

I am wearing:

– Green floral dress from Target (modified by me)

– Cream lace bolero from Supre

– Vintage rose brooch

– Amethyst ring

-Wizard of Oz watch

– Green feathered fascinator (handmade by me)

– Cream sandals (gifted)

– Crinoline petticoat from Vicious Venus.

– Green beaded earrings (handmade by my aunt)

A little peek under my skirt of enourmous proportions:

I adore this rose brooch, but I hardly ever wear it.  I don’t really know why.  I need to make it my mission to work this gorgeous piece into more of my outfits.  This used to belong to my grandmother, and she gave it to me on a rainy day when I was about nine.  Not for any special occasion, just because she’s generous and she loves me.  What a peach!

The pick-me-up has certainly worked.  You can tell by my ridiculous grin in this picture:

Oh, and you know what else cheers me up?  Dandelion clocks!

What cheers you up when you’re feeling blue?

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