Things I Love Thursday 16/4/2012

As per usual, I feel as though this month is just zipping along. I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through April already. It’s been a massive week, filled with things that are making me grin like crazy.

This week, I love:

– Meeting my new little cousin, Abbey. She and her brother, William have been visiting with their mother this week. It’s been the first time I’ve seen Abbey since she was born five weeks ago, and I’m head over heels. She’s gorgeous! So much so that I didn’t even care when she peed on me while I was cuddling her the other night.

– My Luna Lovegood costume. I had so much fun wearing this, and I really didn’t even want to take it off at the end of the day. I’ve worn my radish earrings three more times since Saturday. I adore them.

– This super-cute little Jack Sparrow felt plush that Ross bought me at Supanova. He’s also ordered a 10th Doctor Who, which should arrive soon.

– Finally getting all of my CDs organized. I had a whole mess of CDs that I hadn’t unpacked because they didn’t fit into my CD rack. My mother unearthed this tall black stand and handed it over to me. Now I’ve got all the CDs carefully arranged and it feels great to have things so organized.

– Bright manicures.

– Pinterest. I’ve been having a ball this week, adding to my boards. My favourite boards are my Cosplay board, my tattoo art board and my style pin board. Feel free to check them out.

– Finding a bunch of vinyl records for Ross at the op-shop. I got three Bing Crosby records for $2 each as well as the ’45 for The Girl From Ipanema for 50 cents.

– The artwork of Stewart McKenny. We’ve met him several times at various conventions, and his work never ceased to amaze me. In particular, I’m smitten by this Princess Bride inspired piece.

– Meeting Tristan Jones at Supanova. Ross recently bought an incredible Ghost Rider piece that Tristan drew, which will hang in our lounge room once it’s framed. It was so lovely to actually meet him and congratulate him on his awesome work.

– Chanel perfume.

– Eating redskins without getting them stuck to my teeth.

What about you, lovelies? What’s making you grin this week? Rose-scented bubble baths? Red velvet cupcakes? Nude gardening? Don’t be shy, share your love!

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