Daily outfit: Happy Easter!

I hope that you all had a splendid Easter, and that you’ve managed to wake up this morning without a massive chocolate hangover.  I actually got only a modest amount of chocolate this year, which is probably a good thing.  I tend to act a bit mental around Easter chocolate.  I’ll go bonkers on Easter morning, scoffing eggs for breakfast and then snacking on them throughout the day.  Then, a couple of days later, I’ll get very possessive about my Easter haul, and stash the lot away.  I ration my Easter chocolate, guarding it jealously and eating only a tiny bit at a time.  I think this harks back to my childhood, where my brother and I weren’t allowed many sweet treats throughout the year, so our Easter egg haul was pretty much the only chocolate we got.  we had to make it last.  I don’t think it’s occurred to me yet that I’m an adult now, and therefore I can buy and eat as much chocolate as I want.  After all, isn’t that what being an adult is all about?

I had a relatively quiet Easter.  I got up early and went to mass.  Afterwards I had brunch with my family and Ross’s family.  It was the first year of my entire life that we didn’t have an Easter egg hunt.  My mother put the kibosh on it this year after last Easter, when my Dad tripped and fell in his excitement to beat us to the eggs.  It’s funny, my parents both have a history of hurting themselves while persuing childish endeavors.  My mother once badly inujured her knee falling from a set of monkey bars.  She was forty at the time.

This is what I wore to have brunch with my (slightly accident prone) family.

I am wearing:

– Black and white bunny ears

– Gold hoop earrings (gift from my aunt)

– Silver cross necklace (gift from my parents)

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Black and white pinstripe pants (thrifted)

– Black blazer (gift from my parents)

– Black Tony Bianco heels (thrifted)

– White faux fur stole (thrifted)

– Black gloves (thrifted)

It’s funny, but I had a completely different outfit chosen for brunch.  I abruptly decided to change it when I realised that this would be the perfect occasion to wear my bunny ears.  I started to go for a tuxedo bunny look, and the whole outfit wound up looking a wee bit Playboy-esque.  I tried not to show  too much skin though.

Golly-gee, this stole is warm as toast!  It’s going to get a real workout this winter, I can assure you.

What did you wear on Easter Sunday?

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