The Nessbow Blog Awards

It occurs to me that bloggers don’t get anywhere near enough credit for their work. So many fantastic writers, artists, photographers, beauticians and visionaries are toiling away, putting their amazing work out into cyberspace and most of them do it for absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Squat. Bupkus.

Blogging is very hard work. It takes hours of time and gallons of effort to think up a post, write said post, take photographs, edit videos and then upload the whole shebang for your readers. I think most people believe that blogging is simple, and that blog posts just magically come together while the blogger sips tea and paints their nails.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining one little bit. I adore blogging. I would do it until the day I die even if I never made a cent from it. And I know that this is the truth for most bloggers out there. Most aren’t out to make a buck, they just have something to say, something they want to share with the world. And they do it with incredible flair and panache.

I decided to create my own set of blogger awards, to recognise and celebrate the bloggers out there who are doing wonderful work and deserve a little pat on the back for it. So without further ado, I present to you:

The Nessbow Blog Awards.

Best outfit photos

My Edit: Jentine is a thrifting wizard, and wears the most sensational items in really interesting ways. Her photos are always gorgeously shot, and she provides witty and sweet commentary to each of her outfit posts. I hang out to see her outfit shots each day.

Best thrifting blog

My Girl Thursday: Chantilly knows the value of a fab thrift store find. Her wardrobe and home are filled with eclectic pieces, and she’s not afraid to share! I adore her personal style and the way she mixes second-hand and modern pieces to create a truly unique look. Awesome.

Sweetest blog

My Milk Toof: Ickle and Lardee are two little teeth who get up to the most amazing adventures. So far, they’ve been to the snow, gone trick-or-treating and bought a goldfish called Carrot, among other things. This site is so sweet it will give you a toothache!

Most inspirational blog

Yes and Yes: Sarah writes about all manner of things, including travelling to far-flung lands, interviews with fascinating people and being kind to yourself. Yes and Yes is always my go-to place when I’ve had a rough day.

Best tutorials.

Violet LeBeaux: Personally, I think there’s an awful lot of amazing stuff on Violet’s site, but her tutorials really stand out from the pack. With plenty of budget craft ideas and creative beauty tutorials, Violet’s blog is the perfect place to go for a shot of creative inspiration.

Most thorough product reviews

Becoming Beautiful: Celeste puts every product she gets her hands on through it’s paces. She makes detailed comments on the performance, packaging, philosophy and even scent of a huge range of makeup and beauty products. I always know that if Celeste has given a product her tick of approval, it’s going to be a great buy.

Funniest blog

Smaggle: A visit to Carly’s blog always leaves me chuckling. She has a fantastically witty way of writing and she’s not afraid to use a couple of colourful phrases. Smaggle is frank and honest without being snide or bitchy. I especially love the way that Carly always asks her readers to contribute with their opinions, and sometimes the comments are almost as funny as her posts.

Most sensational blog personality

Pull Your Socks Up: Although I’ve never met Desiree, it seems as though she’d be a hoot and a half. I admit to feeling slightly jealous of her numerous offspring, it must be awesome to have such a daring mum. Her incredible outfit photos are peppered with BBC comedy quotes and song lyrics. She’s not adverse to flashing her knickers in public places and has the most jaw-dropping collection of jewellery. I adore this lady.

Best body blog

XL as Life: Natalie writes beautifully about body acceptance and self-esteem. Although this subject matter can sometimes be sickeningly sweet, Natalie shares even her most dark thoughts in a truly inspiring way. She’s talked openly about her struggles with mental illness and eating disorders, taken photos of herself without makeup and showcased her tummy and thighs in a set of courageous photos. I really admire her honesty and the fact that she can write about difficult things without whinging or whining.

Best vintage blog

Retro Chick: I prefer Gemma’s blog to all the other vintage sites out there because of her amazing personality. She seems super-sweet and very witty. She writes in a really clever tone, and posts everything from outfit photos, vintage hair tutorials and reviews of various lipsticks in her quest to find the perfect red lippy. Gemma also attends a huge number of vintage events, and chronicles them all on her blog.

What are your favourite blogs? Have you told your favourite bloggers how awesome you think they are? If you haven’t hop to it!

Please leave a comment.

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