Things I Love Thursday: 5/4/2012

Top ‘o the Thursday to ye!  I’m really enjoying a day off, which is made even more brilliant by the fact that the weather is positively gorgeous.  I think this might be the last fling of sweet weather though, because things tend to start cooling down after Easter.  Here is what I wore to schlep to the post office, then to the library and finally to hunt down some craft supplies.

I am wearing:

– Lapis lazuli earring (thrifted).  I only have one of these, so I just wear it on it’s own.

– White butterfly studded tank top from Jeans West

– Tan tie-front flares (gifted).

– Black and wood platform heels from Novo

– Pink jewel ring from the Queen Victoria Market

– Amethyst ring

– Assorted bangles

– Topaz ring (thrifted)

– Leather butterfly hair ornament from Sportsgirl.

This week, I’m loving:

– Buying presents for friends that are so gorgeous that I contemplate keeping them for myself

– My friends who, when Jelly went missing on the weekend, dropped everything to look for her.  She snuck out the back door on Saturday night, and I was so worried because she’s normally an indoor cat and I didn’t know how well she’d go outside.  We found her pretty quickly though: she’d climbed a tree and scared the crap out of herself.  With a little help from my friends and my brother, we got her down safe and sound.

– This epic housewarming present from Ross’s sister, Kath and her boyfriend Evan.  We haven’t tried it out yet, but I can’t wait to start making all manner of frozen treats.  First, I need to use up all of the frozen barbeque meat that’s left over from our housewarming party.  Not only does this wonder gadget make ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and a variety of frozen drinks, it’s metallic red!  I’m in love!

– Finally finding a use for our empty dart-board case:

What you see in this picture is the set-up for a game of canvalanche, a game that was invented at our party on the weekend.  Essentially, the cans are stacked in formation and players take turns throwing a bottle cap to knock over as many cans as possible.  The scoring system got more and more complicated as we played on, and I got knida lost after a while.  Still, this game kept everyone entertained for at least an hour and a half.

-Going to church on Sunday and getting a piece of blessed palm to take home.  The palm is a symbol of life’s triumph over death.

– Easter anticipation

– Getting loads of time off over Easter.  I am in dire need of a break, and I feel so much better knowing that I’ve got plenty of time to myself over the next little while.

-Watching old episodes of The I.T Crowd.

What are you loving this week, sweetheart?  Chocolate eggs?  Pastel petticoats?  Running about the backyard in your P.Js?  Time to share your love and gratitude!

Please leave a comment.

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