Things I Love Thursday 29/3/2012

Greetings good gentles! I hope this pleasant Thursday finds you happy and well.

A couple of nights ago, I listened to a butt-load of Nirvana and classic Red Hot Chilli Peppers while doing the dishes. The music seemed to seep into my brain and the next morning I awoke to find myself inspired to dress in a grungy, 90’s style outfit.

I am wearing:

– Alice in Zombieland tee-shirt from Threadless.

– Black and red slip dress (gift from Sam)

– Grey ribbed socks from Sportsgirl.

– Dr Martens boots

– Leopard print beanie from Equip

– Assorted silver bangles from my aunty

– Jack Skellington bracelet (gift from Violet)

– Cross necklace (gift from Sam)

– Key earrings from Altered Eras.

One thing you might not know about me is that I live right next door to a kindergarten. Another thing you possibly don’t know is that I’m not the biggest fan of children. I don’t hate children or anything silly like that. There are certain children that I adore. But in general, the whole “Screaming, yelling, obnoxious child’ thing doesn’t really appeal to me. Most of my day is peppered with loud bursts of squealing and hollering from over the fence. I have to plan my writing around the kindergarten’s schedule, because when the kids are playing right outside my window, it’s really hard to concentrate. This is especially difficult, because the kindergarten doesn’t really seem to have a schedule, they just let the little cherubs outside to squeal their guts out whenever they feel like it. Sometimes they’re out there for an hour, sometimes three. Sometimes they like to peer over my fence while I’m taking photos, which results in pictures like this:

I think they think I’m crazy. They might not be too far wrong.

Why couldn’t we have bought a house next to the Milford Academy?

This Thursday, I love:

– Reading in bed.

– French Toast. Ross made it for me and I tried it for the first time ever this weekend. It was truly delicious.

– Looking forward to our housewarming party this weekend.

– Sleeping Ringo

– This clip from Wayne’s World.

-Also, this clip from Empire Records.

– Daylight savings. I get so much done when the evenings stay light. Sadly, this is the final week of Daylight Savings until the end of the year.

– Putting a stack of winter socks and underwear on layby.

– Listening to Ross play video games over the internet with his friends.

– Hearing my Nana refer to a bicycle as a ‘fanny-banger’

– Helping old ladies to pick out Easter Eggs for their grandchildren.

– Buying awesome birthday presents for some of my favourite people.

– Getting letter addressed like this from my friend Amanda:

– Also, this button from Amanda. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite when I wear it, because I’ve never been to New York. However, I do intend to visit there one day, and I’m sure I will love it when I finally get there.

– Saxby’s ginger beer.

What are you loving this week, sweetheart? Puppy-dogs? Whipped cream in a can? Dancing to Bowie? C’mon, it’s time to share your sunshine!

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