Things I Love Thursday 22/3/2012

Happy Thursday to you all! This week, I finally got around to wearing those gorgeous cheetah-print loafers I showed you last Thursday. Here is the outfit I styled them with:

I am wearing:

– Cheetah-print loafers from Target

– Black harem pants from Remember Me

– Empire Records tee shirt from Pulp Kitchen.

– Egyptian cuff (used to belong to my aunt)

– Wizard of Oz watch (gifted).

– Gold owl ring from Diva

I also wore my new/old floral dress that I thrifted a couple of weeks ago. I am a huge fan of this dress, and I can see that it’s going to make many appearances in my autumn wardrobe.

I am wearing:

– Vintage 70’s floral dress

– Tan leather sandals from a random Indian shop

– Silver squiggle ring from Kleins

– amethyst ring

– Silver thumb rings (thrifted)

– Drop diamante earrings from Diva.

– Bird brooch from Wayward Designs.

This week, I’m loving:

– My Mum. It was her birthday yesterday. She’s a fantastic person who is really generous with her time. She has a great love of animals ( I think that must be genetic) and has a brilliant sense of humour. I am so lucky to have grown up with such a caring mother, and now that I’m an adult, I appreciate her even more. Love you, Mum.

– Moving Ross’s comic shelves into the comic room. Things are starting to take shape in there!

– Watching Jelly climb the empty shelves in the comic room. She’s been using it as her own personal jungle-gym.

-Cat yawns!

– Getting my Gelish nails removed. The Gelish manicure did have its advantages: the colour stayed bright for three weeks, my nails were really strong and the finish was very chip-resistant. However, I hadn’t taken into account how much my nails would grow, and they got so long that they started to be a real pain. Also, after two weeks, the edges of the polish started to lift and they were catching on everything. It’s a relief to have them taken off.

– The weather at the moment. It’s the perfect combination of sunny with a cool breeze. Gorgeous.

– Planning our housewarming party.

– Ironing. I know it’s weird, but I find something oddly soothing about working my way through a pile of ironing. I like any household chore that I can do in front of the television.

– Toasted hot cross buns for breakfast.

What are you loving this week?

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