My $5 Versace jeans

Today I took my $5 Versace jeans for a test-drive.  I bought them last Monday during a massive second hand shopping spree, and I have to say that I’m very pleased.

I am wearing:

– Black Versace jeans (thrifted)

– Studded butterfly tank top from Jeans West

– Novo cutout platform heels

– Amethyst ring

– White shell earrings (gifted)

– Black plastic bangle (thrifted)

Ok.  I must admit that these jeans aren’t the best fit.  They’re a bit baggy around the waist, and the waistband is a little high for my liking.  I don’t think I’m quite tall enough to pull off the high-waisted look, and I’m concerned that these are starting to venture towards mum-jean territory.  Also, they’re slightly too long in the leg, which means that they bunch a bit around my ankles.  Being short, I always have difficulty getting jeans that are the right length.

They fit beautifully around the back though.  I have a funny body shape, in that I’m very petite up top, but I carry a bit of weight around my butt and thighs.  Although I’m little all over, my bottom half is disproportionately larger than my top half.  I’m sort of guitar-shaped.

Even though these jeans don’t fit as perfectly as I’d like, I do enjoy the smug feeling I get walking around in a pair of designer jeans that cost less than my lunch.

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