Epic vintage haul

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thrift shopping is so much better in the country.  While I was living in the city, it was really hard to find a decent find in a thrift store.  Most op-shops have been heavily picked over, and the best stuff normally winds up in vintage boutiques or trendy pop-up stores which sell their wares for massively over-inflated prices.  In the country, thrifting isn’t as trendy as it is in the city.  The stores aren’t scoured by vultures, looking for treasures to kit out their shops.  It’s actually totally possible to find incredible loot in thrift stores, and to pay less for them than you would shell out for a cup of coffee.


Yesterday, Ross had the day off work, so we decided to hit up the op-shops.  We came home with a bundle of swag, giant smiles on our faces and not a whole lot of cash missing from our wallets.


To begin with, my mother dropped a bunch of kitchen stuff over to our house.  Most of these things were part of her glory box, or things that she and my dad owned when they first got married.  As they’re re-done their kitchen, and have bought heaps of modern stuff to kit it out, they didn’t need these vintage treasures.  Mum thought I would like these because I like “funny old things”.


Mega-cute sugar and coffee canisters.

A 70’s teapot to match.

A brown biscut barrel (which I was an expert at sneaking cookies from when I was a kid)

A delectable dinner setting, circa 1976.  My mother bought this for her glory box when she was 16.  She told me that it took her four months to pay it off layby, and after a year of using it, she hated it bitterly.

Glass flip-top jars, for storing rice, flour etc.

In addition to these glorious 70’s treasures, Ross found heaps of uber-cool kitchen stuff during our op-shopping adventure.

Coffee mugs with sweet black cats gambolling all over them.

A set of three brandy balloons.  The purchase of these prompted our decision to have a cocktail hour every Friday night.

A faux crystal decanter.  Lord only knows what we’re going to put in this, but it’s very shiny.

These little glass dishes are going to be perfect for desserts.  We got a set of 6 for $10.

I am completely smitten with this jug and cup set.  There are 6 little cups in the set, and you can lift them out of the plastic casing, so they can be used as shot-glasses as well.  I can see us drinking iced tea out of these.

After Ross had pillaged the kitchen-ware, I started sifting through the clothes.  I found some incredible finds.

Beautiful Versace jeans.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but my backside looked divine in these.  They’re a perfect fit, and they cost just $5.  You’d never see that in Melbourne!

This white stole is ridiculously warm and soft, and set me back another $5.  Before you flip out and get all preachy, rest assured that this is totally faux fur.

This sweet pearl brooch is going to look amazing on my black turban.

I’ve been looking for a floral dress just like this one for ages.  It is beautiful on, even though it doesn’t really look much just flopping about on a hanger.  I have big plans for this baby.

So that is what Ross and I thrifted in one trip.  The total damage for all this: just $70.  We couldn’t be happier.


  1. !!!! A whole SET of those jars! I am SO jealous….I didn’t even consider that there might be sets………the hunt is ON for more! XXX

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