Things I Love Thursday 1/3/2012

Well, Summer is officially over. Summer is my favourite season, and I always feel a bit melancholy when it finishes. As the days start to shorten and the nights get chilly, I miss the scorching days of January. One would hardly know that it’s Summer here in country Victoria though. We’ve had very wet weather these past few days and the sky is still looking heavy and grey. I went for a walk this morning and took some pictures of the lake.

What you can see in this picture is normally a car park. It is currently completely under water.

This is the lake that runs through the centre of town. As you can see, it’s still within it’s banks, but the water level has risen very high. The lake is up over the boardwalk in a couple of places.

This is the outfit that I wore to traipse about in the rain.

I am wearing:

– Leopard print beanie from Equip

– Lace dress from 7 Angels

– Black and white striped socks from Jay Jays

– Grey blazer from Tree of Life

– Amethyst ring

– Jack Skellington bracelet (present from Violet)

– Jolly Roger flats from Shoe Bizarre

-Starry night pendant (thrifted)

This week, I love:

-Getting a bonus day of summer

– My new little cousin! She was born on Friday and her name is Abbey. I’ve had great fun shopping for her this week. I can’t wait to meet her.

– My new mermaid nails. I got a manicure and pedicure this week, and I decided to try Gelish nail enamel. It’s this varnish that is painted onto your nail and then cured with a UV light, so it dries almost instantly. It’s supposed to last for up to four weeks on your fingers. I had such a rough time choosing a colour, because I like to switch things up with my nails pretty often. I’m delighted with this shimmery green though.

– Misfits. I know I mentioned this yesterday, but I’m still in awe of this program. It’s a bit rough and gory, but amazing all the same. I’m currently on the third season.

– Dr Horrible’s sing –along blog

– Getting hand-written letters in the mail

-Lunch with my mother

– Rain-soaked roses.

– Escorting my nana to church

– Moroccan mint tea

– Walking to the lake with Ross, and making it home just before it starts to rain.

– Filling up my etsy store with winter warmers.

– Doggy-kisses

– The sound of church bells tolling.

What are you loving this week?

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