Quit Your Bitching

I don’t consider myself to be a negative person. I always thought that I was the sort of person who looked on the bright side of life. However, last week I was reflecting on some of my habits and I realised that I’m not quite as positive as I originally believed.


It seems that I can be a bit of a whinger. I don’t think I’m all doom and gloom or anything like that. I’m not the kind of person who thinks that the world is a crummy place and that everything is awful. However, I tend to get riled up by silly little things, and when I do, I’ll rant about them for ages. I whine about people walking too slowly down the street, so I’m held up behind them. I whinge about noisy children screeching. I complain about women who insist on wearing leggings as pants. My list of irks goes on and on: telemarketers, cat footprints on the bench, stones in my shoe, reality T.V, bad remakes of originally awesome films, bad grammar, the word ‘coitus’. There are so many little things that get me worked up.



When I really think about it, none of these things really matters to me. None of these things actually has any sort of impact on my life. My day will continue to go swimmingly even if I have to adjust my gait for someone who’s trundling at snail’s pace along the footpath. My life isn’t going to end if someone remakes Ferris Bueller (although I’ll be a bit put out if that does happen). The things I get really worked up about are truly pretty inconsequential when I think about it.



The funny thing is, complaining doesn’t make me feel better about these things. It just makes me madder because I’m fixating my thoughts and words on them, and making them out to be much bigger than they really are. After I’m finally done with my raving, I don’t feel relieved or unburdened, I just feel like a crappier person.



After a lot of thought, I’ve come to a solution: I just need to quit my bitching.



I’m not going to waste my breath whining about things that don’t affect me. I’m going to look for solutions to problems rather than just complaining about them. I’m not going to use my Facebook or Twitter accounts to make disparaging remarks. If I do need to get something off my chest, I’m going to do it as briefly as possible and then move on. I’m going to save my anger and passion for things that actually have an impact on my life and which I can do something about.



And after I’ve done all of those things, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for not wasting my breath talking smack about silly things. I’m going to think of all the great things I have in my life. I’m going to hug all my friends who want to be around me because I’m sunny and positive. And most of all, I’m going to feel a lot better about myself.



What about you? Do you need to quit your bitching? Do you consider yourself a negative person or a positive person?

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