Things I Love Thursday 23/2/2012

I can’t believe that Thursday is here already!  This last week has positively flown by.

I’ve been doing a few retro-style outfits this past week. On Monday, my look was 60’s flower child, Tuesday’s had a distinct 1920’s flavour and today I’m taking my inspiration from the mods of the 1960’s.

I took a whole mess of photos this morning, and this is the only one where I don’t look cranky.  When I don’t smile, this heavy eye-makeup makes me look like a bit of a sour puss.

I am wearing:

– Denim dutch-boy cap from Ice

– Black camisole from Target

– Black opaque tights from Razzamatazz

– Red mini skirt from Supre

– Black and red striped cardigan from Cotton On

– Black beaded earrings (made by my aunt)

This week, I love:

– My brother.  It’s his birthday today, and he’s 22.

– Thinking up creative alternatives to swear-words.

– Facials and massages.  My parents gave me a gift voucher for the local beauty parlour for Christmas, and yesterday I put it to good use.  I have a facial and a neck massage and it was lovely.  I still have four visits left on the voucher too!

– Painting my nails.

-These Bunsen and Beaker cufflinks I bought for Ross as an anniversary present (on Monday, we will have been together for eight years).

– The television show Misfits.  It’s awesome.

– Being gifted with six seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and listening to “It Was The best Night Ever” over and over.

-Our lovely new couch.  I’ve never been a fan of leather couches, because I despise the way they stick to your legs.  But I love this one. It couldn’t be more comfortable.  (Jelly approves).

– 1920’s fashion.  I’m on a total flapper binge this week.  Expect some posts soon about 1920’s fashion and makeup.  Possibly hairstyles too (although they’re complicated, so I’d have to do photo-tutorials)

-Comic room progress.  Ross finished sorting out this bookshelf last weekend.

-Earl Grey tea.

What are you loving this week?

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