Daily outfit 21/2/2012

I might have mentioned before that I like to plan out my outfits in advance.  I spend a bit of time each week piecing together a few outfits for the days ahead.


I also might have mentioned that it’s been bloody hot here in the country.  It’s hot in the city too, but country Australia seems to have a different kind of heat.  In the city, the heat is thick and sticky, the heat of thousands of sweaty bodies pressed into a small area.  In the country, the heat is clear and baking.  Summer air in the city is thick and moist, like hot soup, but in the country the air feels dry and rasping with heat.  I planned this week’s outfits with hot weather in mind.

And then today, it poured with rain.  It’s not cold, but cooler than it has been in weeks.  It’s a nice change, but none of my hot-weather outfits were really appropriate for a rainy day.  I decided that I didn’t really care and got dressed in this boho-hippie outfit anyway.

I am wearing:

– Black peasant blouse (hand-me-down from Sam)

-Blue cutoff shorts (made by me from a pair of Cotton On men’s jeans).

– Tan indian sandals from a random Indian store in Melbourne.

– Coin headband from Sportsgirl

-Onyx earrings (thrifted)

– Cross necklace (another gift from Sam)

-Silver bangles (gift from my aunt)

– Turquoise ring

-Amethyst ring

– Flower ring.

I’ve been really struggling to find a place to take photos in the new house.  There isn’t a lot of light inside except when the sun is shining blindingly, so I’ve had to resort to outside shots.  Luckily, there are some beautiful places around Benalla which would make excellent backdrops for photos.  Now I only need to drag my tripod and camera out on the town and get over my fear of taking my own photo in public.  I’m worried it makes me look like a twat.

Ring close up!

This morning I went out for coffee with a girl I went to primary school with. I had a lovely time catching up with her.  This afternoon my brother helped me to take Ringo to the vet for his shots.  He was relatively well-behaved.

Peace!  I hope you’ve had an awesome day!

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