Daily outfit 20/2/2012

After yesterday’s rain and slight humidity, my hair has exploded into a frizzy mess.  So, it seemed like the ideal reason to slip into a wig.  I love the way that wearing a wig completely transforms my look, and I can look polished with very little effort.

I’m having a bit of a love-affair with 1920’s fashion at the moment.  I’ve been adding little touches of that style to my outfits, with long necklaces and cocktail rings.  I’m planning on doing some more dramatic 20’s outfits once the weather cools down.

I am wearing:

– Black wig (gift from Ross)

– Purple butterfly top from Cotton On

– Brown pants (thrifted)

– Vintage silk shrug

– Amethyst cocktail ring (belonged to my grandmother)

– Blue crystal beads (belonged to my grandmother)

– Grey scarf (thrifted)

– Brown and gold heels (thrifted)

I adore these pants.  I got them from a thrift store for a dollar about two years ago, and they are utterly brilliant.  They’re a great fit, and the shorter length makes them perfect for wearing with heels or wedges.  They’re a versatile item and I get a lot of wear out of them.

This shrug is lovely too.  It has two small ties on it, so you can tie them in front or in back to change the shape of the garment.  I love items that can be worn multiple ways.

I did my eye makeup a little different to the way I normally do it.  I find that when I wear my dark wig, I need slightly heavier makeup so that I don’t look washed out.  I used a couple of different brown shades, a soft black and an ivory shadow.  I lined my eyes lightly and added lashings of black mascara.

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