How to wear Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud Shoes

Last week, my gorgeous mate Natalie wrote a post about the Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud shoes on her blog, Oh My Gosh Shoes.  You might also remember Natalie from her other online home, XL as Life I interviewed her last year as well as writing this post to help her style a tricky skirt she’d bought.

In Natalie’s post about the Shadow Studs, she asked her readers to link her to their polyvore sets to show her how they’d styled them.  I had intended to do this, but once I started styling I found it too difficult to stop.  Before I knew it, I had four finished outfits, so I decided to write an entire post about these amazing shoes, and how I would style them.

My first thought when I looked at the Shadow Studs was, “My god!  You’d have to have the grace of a ballerina to walk in these without falling over”.  It was that thought that led me to my first outfit.  I thought that these heel-less wonders would be the perfect footwear for a gothic ballerina, with a lace tutu, feathered jewellery and a dramatic masquerade mask.

The Shadow Studs have an obvious gothic and metal influence.  For that reason, I thought it would be fun to pair them with a cute, cartoonish outfit.  They’d be completely at odds with the rest of the outfit, which would really make them stand out.  I adore adding unexpected pieces to outfits.

These shoes really brought out the punk side of me, and I started playing about with tartan and studs.  That’s when it occurred to me that the Shadow Studs would look incredible on a hard-core school girl.  This punk-ass honour student wouldn’t care that these would totally violate the uniform code, she’d just trot off to class, throwing disdainful looks at anyone who dares to stare.

When I was playing around with these extraordinary shoes, another individual popped into my mind.  Don’t these totally look like something you can see Vince Noir tripping about in?  I certainly can.  That’s why I made this outfit in honour of my favorite rocker/mod/punk/zoo keeper.  It has his trademark bright skinny jeans and studded belt, with some seriously awesome jewellery thrown in for good measure.

What would you wear the Shadow Studs with?  Which of these outfits is your favorite?

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