Things I Love Thursday 2/2/2012

G’day, g’day on this gorgeous Thursday.  This is my first Things I Love Thursday post from my new house!  It’s so weird that I’m here already.  It seems like only moments ago that I decided to make the move back to my hometown, and into a house with Ross.


So far things are going pretty darn well.  Well, almost everything is going well.  My computer is still playing up a bit, but Ross has promised to iron out the kinks for me this evening.  Until then, he’s loaned me his lovely laptop to type up this Things I Love Thursday.  Sadly, with my compy out of commission, I still can’t show you any photos of the new place, but rest assured that they’re coming soon.


This week, I love:

– Being able to see my family all the time.  My parents have been over to the house a couple of times since we moved in, to give us a hand with cleaning and mending.  My brother brought around a frozen chocolate cake for dessert on Monday and on Tuesday my mum and I went to the pictures to see The Muppets.  I also had a family dinner on Tuesday night, which was wonderful.  It’s nice to know that I can see everyone a lot more often than I could when I was living in the city.



– The fern garden outside my new office window.  Today there have been some brightly-coloured birds frolicking about in there, but they fly off every time I get my camera out.


– Eating well.  I’ve been making a real effort to cook properly for Ross and I this last week.  We’ve had a healthy, home-cooked meal every night this week (with the exception of the Chinese take-out we ate with my parents on Tuesday night).  I am feeling so refreshed and full of energy.


– Getting to giggle at Ross’s bed-hair each morning.


– Water.  I’ve been guzzling several litres a day and my skin has never looked better.


– Finding two lounge suites for $200 less than what we originally expected to pay for another less-lovely lounge set.


– Bourbon and sesame scented candles.  Sounds weird, smells gorgeous.


– Running into three lovely home-town friends within two hours of moving back home.


What about you, chicken?  What are you loving this week?  C’mon, time to get sharey!

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