Op Shop shoe love

I’m convinced that there is some kind of op-shop fairy, who hovers over weary second-hand hunters, granting them gifts of gorgeous finds just when they need them most.



I had a run-in with the Op-Shop Fairy last week. On one of my many trips to the doctor last week, I noticed a second-hand store I’d never visited before. It was wedged between a dingy fish-and-chip shop and a dubious-looking bakery. Once I was well enough to stand up without shaking, I decided to pay it a visit.



After spending fifteen minutes browsing rack after rack of pure crap, I hit a goldmine in the shoe department. Now, I own this amazing pair of Pierre Fontaine strappy sandals. They’re purple and pink pucci print, with a slender heel and they make my legs look incredible. More than that, they’re actually very comfortable and I can walk in them all day. Sadly, after many, many days spent walking in them, they’re falling to pieces. I paid eighty dollars for them originally, I can’t bear to throw them away, and they’re beyond repair. Each time I wear them, I’m very aware of the fact that it might be the last time.



While browsing the racks at this odd little shop, I found a brand new pair of the exact same Pierre Fontaine heels. In my size. In perfect condition. For ten dollars. I could scarcely believe it. It was some kind of miracle. I could replace my perfect heels for a mere ten dollars! Magnificent.



And then another miracle occurred. Sitting next to those heels was a second pair of the Pierre Fontaine strappy sandals, in blue and green pucci print. In my size. That had never been worn. For ten dollars. I could barely suppress my squeal of excitement. Not only could I replace my gorgeous-but-falling-apart shoes, I could have another pair in an alternate colour. I was ecstatic.


So for just twenty dollars, I got two pairs of amazingly flattering shoes, which fit me perfectly and are in incredible condition. Tell me that isn’t the work of some kind of higher power?



Have you ever been visited by the Op-Shop Fairy? What did she bring you?


For more tales of op-shop success, and tips on how to make your thrift-shopping trips more successful, check out my e-book: Nessbow’s Guide to Second-Hand Shopping.

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