The Paper Doll Project: Mandie

This is the first edition in a new series of posts on my blog. This series is called The Paper Doll Project. The aim of The Paper Doll Project is to get a fresh perspective on my style, to encourage me to get more wear out of the things I already own and to wear things in new ways. To do this, I’ll be inviting one of my friends to go through my wardrobe and create a couple of outfits for me, using things that are already in my closet.



Today, my guest for The Paper Doll Project is my friend Mandie. I met Mandie at college four years ago. She and I share a love of British comedy, karaoke and Harry Potter. Mandie’s personal style has a strong rock-and-roll influence, with a large helping of bombshell sexiness thrown in.



Mandie put together two outfits for me. The first outfit was a more casual ensemble. She chose this outfit because it mirrored the kind of clothes that she normally wears on a day-to-day basis. Mandie used my denim shorts as a building block for this outfit.


I am wearing:

– House Battle tee shirt from Threadless.

– Grey knitted cardigan (gifted)

– Dark denim shorts (made by me from a pair of Cotton On jeans)

– Black Chuck Taylor All Stars hi-top sneakers

– Assorted bracelets

– Blue silk scarf from thrift store

– Assorted button badges.



What I think of this outfit:

I am a big fan of this ensemble. I don’t wear shorts very often, because I’m really self-conscious about my thighs. If I do wear shorts, I tend to layer them over stockings or tights. It was a bit strange to wear them bare-legged, but I quite liked the way it looked. I am going to try to wear these shorts instead of wearing jeans when the weather is warmer. I especially liked all the accessories Mandie chose for me. The chunky armful of bracelets and the collection of badges gave this outfit a slightly more bohemian edge, which I love.



The second outfit that Mandie put together started when she found a vintage slip in a box with my pyjamas. This white slip had belonged to my mother, and I only ever wear it to bed because it’s so delicate. Mandie was determined to work the slip into an outfit for me, because she loves the idea of underwear as outerwear. We decided to accentuate the see-through fabric by putting a black lace bra underneath the slip. Mandie is possibly even more of a shoe freak than I am, so I wasn’t surprised when she chose a pair of teetering sculptural wedges for me to put on.


I am wearing:

– Vintage white slip

– Black harem pants from Remember Me

– Black and gold platforms from Zu

– Gold snake chain necklace (belonged to my grandmother)



What I think of this outfit:

I was pretty unsure about the idea of wearing my PJs as outerwear, but once I put this on, I was sold. I like the way the bra peeks cheekily through the delicate fabric, giving a rough edge to a more feminine garment. My only complaint about this outfit was that the slip is rather long, so it was hard to wear it tucked into my pants. It kept twisting and bunching up, which was rather uncomfortable. This outfit has opened my eyes to the possibility of wearing some of my nightwear as daywear, which has given me a lot more options when putting together outfits.



I’d like to say a big thankyou to Mandie for styling this post. I’ve got plenty more Paper Doll Project posts lined up, so stay tuned!



What do you think of the outfits that Mandie cobbled together for me?

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