The Muppets style

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about the release of the new Muppet Movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but I will very shortly. I was thinking about what I would wear when I go to see the film, and considered dressing in homage to one of my favourite characters. For all of you who would like to do the same, I’ve put together some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.



Kermit the Frog.

Even though it’s not easy, if you want to pay tribute to Kermit, you’ll have to deck yourself out in green. Choose the most vibrant green you can find, and pair it with simple accessories for a mod look. Finish off your look with a rainbow- whether it’s rainbow eyeshadow or a cute rainbow pendant, to appease the lovers, the dreamers and me.



Miss Piggy

There are no limits to the amount of glitz you can get away with here. Shimmy into a tight cocktail dress in an eye-catching shade. Climb onto teetering heels and pile on as many rings as you can fit on your fingers. No Miss Piggy outfit would be complete without a pair of long satin gloves. Piggy’s style is truly for those with star power. Make the most of your ensemble by spending the evening peppering your sentences with French phrases and making ridiculous requests.



Fozzie Bear.

If you’re looking for something more laid-back, take your inspiration from Fozzie. Use polka-dots as the base for your outfit, and add a cute hat. Fun, relaxed shorts and trainers are ideal to finish off this look.



The Great Gonzo.

If, like me, you like to experiment with texture and colour, this is the look for you. Gonzo doesn’t worry too much about matching colours, he just piles on theatrically-inspired garments with gay abandon. Layer sequins, stripes and bold jewel hues to get this look. Don’t forget to wear a liberal helping of feathers, to mirror Gonzo’s floaty fur.



Statler and Waldorf.

Perhaps you’re not as big a fan of the Muppets as your mates. Maybe you’d prefer to heckle the film from the balcony, and you wouldn’t be caught dead laughing at any of the jokes. If that’s the case, you should take your style cues from Statler and Waldorf, the grumpy-old-men of the Muppet clan. Mix in plenty of tweed and knits in shades of brown and grey. Keep the look tailored and smart, with a smattering of vintage jewellery. Complete your outfit with a pair of stylish loafers.




Take a leaf out of Animals’ (thoroughly dog-eared) book by dressing like a wild rock chick. Ripped skirts, textured tights and bondage jewellery are essential to getting this look. Finish off with some bright boas and a pair of comfortable trainers, perfect for chasing after women.



Who is your favourite Muppet? Would you dress as them?

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