Beauty advice for insomniacs.

Sleepless nights can really take a toll on your looks. Whether you’ve been out all night partying, hitting the books or just tossing and turning, you’ll soon see why they call it “beauty sleep”. Sallow, lifeless skin, eye bags and dark circles are just some of the ways a lacklustre night’s sleep can impact your looks. Never fear though, because there is plenty that you can do to make yourself look fresh as a daisy (even if you feel like a trampled weed).

Jellylorum never misses her beauty sleep.

The very first thing you need to do is to start re-hydrating yourself. This is especially important if you missed your beauty sleep because of a drunken party. Start the day by gulping down plenty of H2O. If you can stomach it, pour yourself a glass of warm water and add a squeeze of lemon to get your digestive system pumping. Fill a big bottle with water and sip at it while you shower and dress. Aim to get 1 litre down before 9am. By increasing your water intake, you’ll replenish your body’s moisture stores from within, which will help your skin to recover. You’ll also start to flush out any toxins and nasties which can contribute to under-eye circles and skin breakouts.

Before you apply your makeup, give your skin a rich dose of moisture. Apply an eye cream to your entire eye area, to soothe bags and fill in lines. Slather a rich moisturizing cream all over your face. Nivea Crème is my face cream of choice. To give your skin an extra boost use a moisturizer with brightening properties.


If you try to layer a heavy foundation over tired skin, you’ll just make things look worse. You’re better off going for a tinted moisturizer instead. Not only will it give your skin another dose of much-needed hydration, but it will even out your skin tone and leave you with a more natural-looking complexion. Smooth the tinted moisturizer all over your face and neck, concentrating on any areas that are especially red.


To cover dark circles and under-eye bags, try a light-reflecting concealer. This will bounce light back from these areas, drawing attention away from them.  Carefully blend the concealer with your ring finger, starting at the inner corner of your eye and working your way outwards.

If you’ve broken out in a bad case of spots, use a waxy concealer to cover them up. Use sparingly, blend well and add a light dusting of sheer powder over the top to set.

Keep your makeup fresh and simple.You’ll look infinitely better if you stick to a soft wash of makeup rather than a full mask when you’re tired. I recommend blending a bronzer across your cheeks, jawbone and forehead to give your face subtle definition. Don’t go overboard- a light dusting will be enough. Use a neutral or pebble-coloured eye shadow to dust over your lids. This will hide any veins or redness without drawing too much attention. If you must, add a light layer of brown mascara. A splash of pink or tangerine gloss on your lips will perk you up and make you look cheerful and cute.

That’s all there is to it! Now that you’re looking gorgeous, you can go out and face the day (but promise yourself that you’ll jump in the sack early tonight to undo the damage).


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