Things I Love Thursday 11/1/2012

Happy Thursday!  I am feeling much more chipper this week, now that my flu has packed its bags and buggered off.  I still have a bit of a cough, but that’s all.


The weather in Melbourne has turned rainy and chilly once more.  I’m beginning to think that Summer has forgotten to come this year.  I’m not fretting too much though, because it’s given me a chance to wear the gorgeous jacket my parents bought me for Christmas.


I am wearing:

– Black blazer (gifted)

– Black pants from Target

– Black and white one-shoulder top from Westco

– Blue suede platform heels from Tony Bianco

– Silver magnetic ball-bearing necklace (gifted)

– Amethyst ring.

This photo doesn’t do this blazer justice.  It is superbly fitted and ties at the back, so it’s a little like a frock coat.  I’m loving it.  I will try to take better pictures when the weather isn’t so gloomy.

This week I’m loving:

– The Dresden Dolls.  Ross and I went to see them at The Forum in Melbourne on Sunday night, and the show was spectacular.  Amanda Palmer arrived on stage in a flowing kimono and an army general’s hat.  After sweetly singing the first number, she tore off the kimono to reveal a dominatrix-leather bra and high-waisted pants and then settled behind her keyboard for the rest of the set.  Before the show, I really didn’t know much about Brian, the drummer, but I was amazed by his skill during the performance.  Not only is he a brilliant drummer, but he’s truly theatrical.  I’ve never been so entertained by a drummer before.  Amanda Palmer was similarly brilliant.  She has a frantic, almost violent way of playing that had me mesmerized.  The highlight for me was the perfectly choreographed rendition of Coin Operated Boy and The performance of Mein Herr from Cabaret in the encore.  It was a truly splendid night.

– The Bedroom Philosopher.  I’ve seen him a couple of times already, but he opened for the Dresden Dolls the other night and he was in fine form.  My favorite part of his performance was his parody of The Beach Boys “California Girls”.  He sang about all the different subcultures that reside in each of the Melbourne suburbs, finally lamenting that he wishes they could all be Collingwood Girls, who are “the weirdest girls in the world”.

– Snuggling up to Ross while watching The Dresden Dolls.  Resting my head on his shoulder on the couch. Holding his hand in the car.

– Archer.  I’ve just discovered this show and it is freakin’ hilarious.  It’s pretty crude and rude, but I can’t help giggling at all the off-colour jokes.

– Feeling human again after battling a nasty flu last week.

– My final week of work before I move away.

What are you loving this week, sweetheart?  Don’t be shy, go ahead and share!

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