Things I Love Thursday 5/1/2012

I was so excited about the first week of the new year.  I had all these awesome posts cued up that I was going to write, I’ve got a new e-book to record and loads of new-house planning to do.  But on Sunday night, I started to feel a wee bit poorly.  At first I thought I was just tired, but before long, my joints were aching and I was shivering and shaking despite the heat.  I had come down with a whopping flu.  I’ve had a fever for days, punctuated by bouts of nausea and a bone-rattling cough.  It’s been dreadful, particularly because it’s been so hot in Melbourne that it was nearly impossible to regulate my body termperature.  At one point I was shivering on the couch, swaddled in a blanket, even though it was forty degrees!  Yuck.


Today I was feeling human enough to head back to work.  And thank goodness for it.  While it was good to have a rest, I think I would have gone crazy if I’d spent another day lounging on the couch, watching Buffy and drinking juice.


Even though I’ve been rather ill, I do have plenty of things to be grateful for.


This week I love:

– My housemate, Sam.  She’s been a super hero this week.   She’s driven me to the doctor and waited in crowded waiting rooms with me.  She’s picked me up all kinds of medication and edible delights.  She loaned me her entire series of Buffy DVDs and made pouty faces whenever my coughing sounds especially bad.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.


– Ringo, the new kitty, who likes to guard me while I sleep.


– Jellylorum, the old kitty.  I especially love the way she gets a little red moustache after she’s eaten spaghetti sauce.


– Zuper Dooper icy poles and Arnott’s Savory Shapes.  These are my go-to sick foods.


– Penn and Teller’s Bullshit.


– Fancy bath salts.


– Giving somebody a gift that you know they’ve always wanted.


– Having a piece of chocolate at the ready to take away the taste of revolting cough syrup.


– Being able to walk about the house without feeling as though my limbs are going to drop off.


– Sweet text messages from Ross to make me feel better.


What are you loving this week, sweetie pie?  Better make it a good one, it’ll be the first of many this year!

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