What to wear for Christmas 2011

Having trouble coming up with an outfit for Christmas day? Never fear! I’ve thrown together a couple of fantastical ensembles for spark your imagination.

Military-style embellishments and tough boots combine to create a ‘little drummer girl’ outfit. Be sure to add plenty of polished buttons and a fun hat.

Which day of the year does Mrs Claus like best? Why, Christmas Day of course! Her work is done for the year, and her husband is all tuckered out. It’s the one day of the year that she can slip on a party frock and some ludicrous heels and dance the night away. Take your inspiration from the woman behind the Jolly Fat Man and pull on some festive glad rags and dancing shoes.

Feeling cheeky and impish? Why not dress as an elf on Christmas day? Nordic patterns and shades of red and green look gorgeous when teamed with flat booties. Hand-tooled jewellery is the perfect way to finish off this look.

If you’re planning on cornering your sweetheart under the Mistletoe, you’re going to need an outfit with a bit of extra va-va-voom. Start by selecting a glossy red lipstick and then slip into a tight wiggle dress. Add a smattering of glittering jewellery and turn yourself into Rudolph the Red-Lipped Vixen.

For a simple and pretty look, choose a clean white dress with seasonal accents. Top your perfect hairdo with an embellished bow, and you’ll be the best gift going round.

For more festive outfit ideas, check out this post I wrote last year about what to wear on Christmas Day. There are plenty more outfit ideas as well as more detailed tips for choosing your holiday outfit.

What are you wearing this Christmas day?

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