Daily outfit: What’s going on under your skirt?

Yesterday, I decided to buy myself a gift.  I recieved a letter from the university on Friday to tell me that I have passed all of my classes and I will be graduating next year.  I wanted to celebrate, but I couldn’t figure out an appropriate way to mark the occasion.  Then, during a shopping expedition yesterday, I spotted just the thing.  There’s a particular garment that I have wanted for a very long time.  It’s something that I know I would wear a lot, and which would be loads of fun to wear, but tends to be quite expensive.  Yesterday, I saw this dream garment on sale, and I knew that it was meant to be.  I decided to reward myself for six years of hard study by buying a frilly, frothy, flouncing crinoline petticoat.


I am wearing:

– Polka dot blouse from Target

– Pink beaded skirt (thrifted)

– Gold Rubi heels (gifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Rose ring from Beauty and Luck

– Crinoline petticoat from Vicious Venus.

I love the volume this petticoat gives to my skirts.  It’s so much fun to wear.  It swings and swoops as you walk, and makes the most satisfying rustling noise.

Want a peek?

I chose a short-length petticoat, because I thought that I would get a lot more wear out of it.  THe longer ones are lovely, but I don’t own many skirts that would go with them.  I already have at least six skirts and dresses that will go with this short one.  They had a red and a purple petticoat as well, but in the end, I chose white, because I thought it would be a bit more versatile.  If I was going to splash out on something so extravagant, I wanted to be able to wear it with everything.

It’s also ideal for twirling!


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