My epic Christmas wishlist 2011

Merry Christmas!  I’m really getting into the Christmas spirit at the moment by watching all of my favorite Christmas films, baking holiday treats and catching up with all of my favorite people.

Another very important part of Christmas is penning your wish list.  I’ve put together a list of geeky, practical and downright fantastical items that I’m wishing for this Christmas.

– This Heart Loss Brooch from Nerdburger Jewellery would be an awesome addition to my collection of gamer jewellery.  You might remember that I interviewed Caz, the creater of Nerdburger, earlier this year.

-I’m a fan of obscure British comedy, and I think that this Moss plushie from the I.T Crowd would look fab resting against my pillows.

-I’ve seen so much gorgeous Harry Potter loot of late.  I’d love this “Keep calm and destroy horcruxes’ shirt.  These earrings, inspired by Luna’s dirigible plum earrings would be awesome as well.  Also, I don’t have a dollhouse, but these Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes miniatures are incredible.

-I could rest easy if I knew that these Dethklok magnets were guarding my fridge.

– My ultimate Christmas gift would be a TARDIS.  However, as the Doctor is yet to whisk me off on an adventure, I’ll have to settle for some Who-inspired goodies.  These TARDIS sneakers would never leave my feet if I owned them.  I’m totally in love with this Timey-wimey detector necklace(although I do wonder if it would go ‘ding!’ when there’s stuff).

– I was bowled over when I found this Empire Records singlet.

– I have found my dream dress.  This would be perfect for wearing on Christmas day, don’t you think?

– The Ministry of Silly Walks is my second favorite Monty Python Sketch.  My brother and I like to re-enact it while walking down Bourke Street in Melbourne.  Therefore, I think this wall decal would be flipping brilliant in my lougeroom.

-How could my pink skinny jeans be more awesome?  Perhaps if they had a picture of Frida Kahlo painted on them!

– I can’t stop laughing at this Wicked Witch bookmark.

-And finally, these Rocky Horror nesting dolls are to-die-for.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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