Product review; Bloom lip balm trio

As Christmas day draws nearer, many of us are biting our nails and driving ourselves into a frenzy about what to buy for our loved ones. Sometimes it’s easy to come up with grand gift ideas, but trickier to decide on some small stocking-stuffer items. Luckily, plenty of beauty brands have come up with a range of affordable and cute-as-pie gift packages to help you out when you need to buy something extra to go with a larger gift, or if you’re looking for budget gifts for the office Kris Kringle.



One of these brands is Bloom. Bloom have a gorgeous selection of gift packages that span a wide price range, which makes it a snap to find just the right gift for your loved one. I was lucky enough to receive a Bloom Lip Balm Trio to review for you.

Bloom have teamed up with Boost Juice to create three lip balms that are each a taste sensation. The balms come in three scrumptious Boost-inspired flavours- Banana Buzz, Berry Bang and Strawberry Squeeze. Each balm contains beeswax, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E to nourish lips and provide a serious moisture burst. The balms are all free from parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils and silicones.


The lip balms come packaged in a nifty cardboard presentation box. I like gift boxes that are a square or rectangle shape, because they’re much easier to wrap!



I was smitten with these balms from the moment I smoothed them over my lips. The formula glides on easily and isn’t greasy or oily. The balm is lightweight and very nourishing. I find it perfect for wearing on it’s own or for prepping your lips before applying lipstick. The balm leaves a slight sheen on your lips, but isn’t too shiny.



My favourite part about these balms is the flavour. The flavours are delicious and rather true-to-life. The Banana Bang one is my absolute favourite. The flavour is quite intense when you first apply the balm, but it fades quickly. This appeals to me, because I’m not a fan of strongly-flavoured lip products.



The only aspect of these balms that I wasn’t super-thrilled with was their shape. The tubes are a flat oval shape, rather than the traditional round lip-balm shape. One the one hand, this is great because the slim packaging makes it easier to fit the balm into your tiny party clutch. On the other hand, the oval-shaped tip makes it tricky to apply the balm with precision. I have to hold it at an odd angle to apply to my upper lip to avoid smearing the product over my cupids’ bow. However, I’m willing to overlook this minor hiccup because I adore the product itself.



The Bloom Lip Balm Trio retails for $14.95. For three high-quality lip balms, this is an absolute steal. I think this trio would make an ideal Kris Kringle present. It would also be a great gift for teenage cousins or siblings, or as a stocking-stuffer for your mates.

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