Daily outfit: Superhero shoes

I’ve been making good use of all the new shoes I snaffled from my brother’s housemate.  They all fit me well and most of them are in excellent condition.  When I was trawling through my new loot, I noticed these gold heels.  I liked them, but I was sure that they’d be wildly uncomfortable and I wasn’t even sure what I would wear them with.  However, I loved the bold shade and the little lightning-bolt-shaped detail on the instep.  They look like the sort of shoes that Wonder Woman would wear to go clubbing.

I am wearing:

– Gold Rubi heels (gifted)

– Black knit mini dress from Supre

– Robot necklace from Diva

– Mint green blazer (gifted)

Despite my initial impression, these shoes are actually really comfortable.  They’re quite soft and they have a lot of give to them.  They also fit perfectly, so my foot doesn’t slip about in them.   The blazer I’m wearing with this outfit was another item that I scored from my brother’s roomie.  I’ve been looking for a bright blazer for ages, and this one was just the ticket.  I love the fun minty colour.  I think I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of both of these things.

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