Daily outfit: crepes with Violet and Jimmy

Yesterday I took a bumpy bus ride into the city to catch up with my mates Violet LeBeaux andJimmy America. I hadn’t seen them in ages, so it was a real treat. I put on a fun outfit with plenty of sparkle just for the occasion.

I am wearing:

– Red sequinned beret (pulled back and pinned snood-style) from Sportsgirl

– “Blondes have more fun” Archie tee shirt from Target

– Black and white polka dot tutu from Today

– Blue tights from Ambra

– Red and white gingham heels from Scooter

– Crystal beads which belonged to my grandmother.

– Amethyst ring.

I popped my hair up in a row of pin curls and slicked on some red lippy and black eyeliner. I also cleverly disguised a pimple on my upper lip by turning it into a beauty spot. I’m crafty like that.

It was a really lovely outing. We ate crepes from Harajuku Crepes and frolicked in a room full of claw machines. Violet and I flipped through rack after rack of clothing, but sadly both of us came up empty-handed. Violet also bought me a gift- a super-cute pink tote bag filled with goodies! I was very grateful. The bag is the perfect size for me to hold all the stuff I need for work, such as my lunch and a big book to read on the bus. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.



I was also lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Artistique Meg and her partner, who were visiting Melbourne. I highly recommend checking out Meg’s blog for some utterly scrumptious nail art.



All in all, it was a lovely afternoon.

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