Things I Love Thursday 17/11/2011

Woah!  I’m typing this in a rush while I get ready for work.  No time for small talk, so I’m just going to jump right in.


This week, I’m loving:

– That today it is exactly seven years since I finished my VCE exams.  That was a seriously stressful period in my life, and I was so happy and stunned when it was over.  I can’t believe how many things have changed for the better in the last seven years.

– Anticipation about seeing my family.  My cousin is getting married on Saturday, so we’re going to have a massive family reunion.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing my little cousin William and to doing my nana’s makeup.

– Hilarious pictures of cats posing on some of the worlds’ most famous album covers (the Bowie one is my favorite).

-Watching Arrested Development while doing yoga.  It’s not the best yoga-telly-choice, because it’s too funny, which stuffs up my breathing and makes me fall over.

-Hippy-inspired summer hair and flowing 70’s sundresses.

-Silk kaftans

– The Kinks

– This video of a 3-year-old explaining Star Wars.

– Starting my Christmas shopping.

– Ross.  He’s the macaroni to my cheese, the R2-D2 to my C3PO and the Brain to my Pinky.  I love him so much.

What are you loving this week, sweetheart?

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