Product review: Fashion for Keihl’s Creme De Corps limited edition

It’s a wonderful thing when companies and individuals use their success to help others in need. I am a firm believer in the importance of giving back to your community in whatever way you can. So, wouldn’t it be magnificent if you could contribute to a fantastic charity, and get a gorgeous product into the bargain? Luckily, this holiday season, Kiehl’s is going to give you an opportunity to do just that.


In November 2011, Kiehl’s will be releasing a limited edition Crème De Corps. They’ve asked three different Australian designers to create a label for the bottle, and the proceeds from the sale of the product will go to a charity chosen by each of the designers. Free-spirited designers Sass & Bide have selected Barnados, a charity which assists underprivileged children. Cult fashion label Ksubi have chosen War Child, a family of independent humanitarian organizations which help young people who are living in war-torn conditions, or who are recovering from the effects of war. Zimmerman have designed a gorgeous floral design, the proceeds from which will go to The Starlight Foundation, which assists seriously ill children.



I was delighted when Kiehl’s sent me a bottle of their limited edition Crème De Corps to review. I chose the Ksubi design, because it was more in keeping with my personal style, and their charity is one that is close to my heart. In Australia, we are so lucky to be able to live in peace. I’ve never known what it is to be frightened to walk out my front door, to not know whether my family members are safe, or to have to rebuild my life after a period of total and utter devastation. Knowing that there are so many young people around the world who have to live in countries where there is little safety, security or certainty breaks my heart. The work that War Child does is magnificent.



It was very exciting to come home to this black and silver package sitting in my mailbox.


The first thing I noticed about the bottle was the design on the label. Ksubi have created a fun, punkish label that really appeals to my personal sense of style. The label features a series of hand-drawn images with a rough, rock-and-roll feel. The monochrome palette of the label is striking, and allows the message of the images to take centre stage. Two hands grace the label, one bearing a peace sign and the other with it’s thumb pointing downwards. The slogan “Peace is fun, war ain’t” is scrawled underneath the images. I’m a big fan of this label, as it fits in nicely with my eclectic, punk-rock-inspired style.


The product itself is delightful as well. The cream has only a very light scent, which dissipates quickly after application. I like this because I sometimes find heavily scented body creams a tad overpowering. It is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth for hours after application. I have very sensitive skin, and I’ve noticed no irritation whatsoever when using this product.



The Crème De Corps does have a few small drawbacks though. Firstly, the bottle is made of sturdy plastic, which makes it difficult to get the crème out of the bottle. I have to thump the bottle and squeeze the life out of it to get any product into my hand. It’s quite frustrating and I’m concerned about how difficult it’s going to be to get the last dregs out of the bottle.



The other drawback of the crème is it’s texture. The crème is gorgeously creamy, but it takes a lot of work to apply. I spend a long time working this into my skin. After application, I’ve noticed a greasy residue on my body and hands. I tend to prefer body lotions that sink in completely, without leaving any grease behind.



These drawbacks are minor though, and in spite of them I still believe that this product is a worthwhile purchase. Not only is this crème high-performing and excellent for the warmer months, but your money will go towards helping out a very worthy cause. There are three delightful designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your personal tastes. The Limited Edition Crème De Corps comes in five sizes: 75ml ($15), 125ml ($28), 250ml ($38), 500ml ($68) and 1L ($98). As a little of the crème goes a very long way, a bottle will last for quite a while, so these prices are good value. You can even buy the Limited Edition Tri, which contains 75ml bottles of each of the designs for just $45. This would be a wonderful Christmas present for your fashionable-but-socially-conscious bestie or sister.



This is a high-quality body crème that will hydrate even the driest of skin. The prices are reasonable and the packaging is awesome. Best of all, you can rest assured that your purchase has helped assist a charity which is doing incredible work to help people in need. Kiehl’s Limited Edition Crème De Corps is a worthy purchase.

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