Addams Family Style

When I think of Halloween, there’s one family that races to mind. They may be creepy, spooky and altogether ooky, but to me, the Addams Family are the height of morbid style. Even if you aren’t the type to wear a costume, you can always draw a little sartorial inspiration from T V’s creepiest family. Read on to grab some ideas for how you can emulate your favourite Addams.




If you’re creating an outfit inspired by Morticia, you’ll need to be feeling supremely confident and sublimely sexy. Every garment is tight, slinky and form-fitting. Your clothes must hug every curve of your body, highlighting your feminine charms. Choose a hobble skirt that grips your knees and forces you to walk with tiny strides, creating a slithering gait. A corset that winches in your waist and highlights your bust is a must. Top your outfit off with some gothic rings, red lippy and smouldering eye makeup. Pepper your sentences with French phrases and watch the fellas go wild.




As the head of the Addams house, Gomez is self-assured and suave. He also has a playful side, enjoying yoga, model trains and fencing. To steal a little of Gomez’s charming style, swap your skirts for a pair of tailored, pinstripe pants. Button yourself into a fitted blouse and pull a velvet blazer over the top. Gomez is one of the only members of the family that ever wears colour, so you can feel free to add a splash of crimson, deep purple or emerald green. Add a pair of quirky cufflinks and polished brogues to finish the ensemble.




Wednesday’s clothes are dark and dank, but far from frumpy. Black and grey are the cornerstone colours in this look. Choose a high-necked blouse with a contrasting collar. To avoid looking shapeless, choose a blouse in a textured fabric, like lace. Add a short, full skirt and grey socks. Shoes should be slightly old-fashioned, and Victorian booties are just the ticket. The Marie Antoinette locket in this ensemble is a nod to Wednesday’s beloved Marie Antoinette Doll. A tough, leather backpack is ideal for packing full of spell books and ancient weaponry.




If you’re feeling impish and mischievous, try taking a cue from Pugsley. This bad-boy lives in black and white stripes, and prefers shorts to pants. Heavy duty boots are perfect for stomping around graveyards or meddling with explosives. Pugsley is an avid animal-lover, and his favourite pet is his octopus- Aristotle. Some octopus-themed accessories pay tribute to his beloved pet.



Which Addams is your favourite?

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