Things I Love Thursday 19/10/2011

I am brimming with happiness this Thursday.  It’s been a very busy week, but all that haste has been punctuated with snippets of good news and great times.  Let’s kick off with a daily outfit photo, shall we?


I am wearing:

– Star hoop earrings from Kleins

– MENTAL tank top from Supre

– Sequinned waistcoat from Temt

– Red tartan kilt from Target

– Black and white striped socks

– Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars hi-top sneakers

– Studded leather cuff

– Assorted bangle bracelets.

I’m in a rock-and-roll mood today.  I’m heading to a convention this weekend, and I’m starting to get into character for my costume.  It’s going to be a total blast!

This week, I love:

– The Mrrrrmmb! noise my cat makes every time she wakes up from a nap.

– Finding out that my cousin is expecting her second baby early next year.

– Hot pink eyeshadow

– Games of Talisman that last into the wee hours of the morning.

– My clever, clever brother

– Armageddon this weekend!  I’m heading to the convention in Melbourne this Sunday.  If you’re there, please feel free to come over and say hello.  I’ll be the little chick in the goggles and gas mask.

– This video, which was sent to me by gorgeous Mandie.  It’s a must-watch for all Harry Potter fans.  I’ve watched it four times, and it still has me rolling around with laughter.  I find it particularly funny, because I always thought I’d be in Hufflepuff.

– Season four of The Big Bang Theory.  Any episode that features Sheldon dressed as The Flash is guaranteed to have me in stitches.

– Big boxes of Malteasers

– Ross’s ‘first thing in the morning’ hair.

What do you love this week?

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