Things I Love Thursday 13/10/2011

Happy Thursday, sweet things! I hope that your week has been spectacular so far. I’m just happy to be feeling human again. I had the most awful tension headache yesterday, which left me in crippling pain for hours. It started as a dull, groggy feeling behind my eyes as I rode the bus to work yesterday. By three o’clock, my head was throbbing. It felt as though a giant was pressing my skull between his palms. I truly expected to feel my brain dribbling out through my ears. The bus ride home was highly unpleasant. I had to focus all my energy on not throwing up, a task that was made infinitely more difficult by the woman with revolting breath who plonked herself next to me. When I arrived home, all I could muster the enthusiasm for was crawling into my PJs and slumping onto the couch. The rest of the night was spent watching Dr Who and Arrested Development while the room span dizzily around me. Thankfully, I have a gorgeous housemate who brought me home a smorgasbord of headache pills. I’ve tried so many different things to deal with my tension headaches, and last night I finally found a pill that worked.



This morning I woke up with no pain, which is the thing I’m loving most this Thursday.


Other things I love this week are:

– My lovely boyfriend who was very reassuring on the phone last night when I felt like I was dying.

– Making my cat wear a ghost-face mask.

– Buying cute gifts for my favourite guy.

– Grey manicures

– Watching creepy movies by candlelight.

– Putting up Halloween decorations early

– Stormy evenings

– Polka-dots

– Turbans

– Home-made pasta sauce

– Re-discovering items in my wardrobe that I’d totally forgotten about.

– Rose incense

– Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It’s honestly one of the funniest books that I’ve read in a long time.

– Making Halloween makeup tutorials.

– Abbey Road by The Beatles.

– Halloween-inspired outfits. Here are a few that I wore this week:

I am wearing:

– Black floor-length dress (thrifted)

– Blue and grey striped cardi from Cotton On

– Black and gold platform shoes from Nova

-Morticia Addams tee from Pulp Kitchen

-Raven-feather fascinator (birthday gift from my parents)

– Studded cuff (gift from my brother)

– Diamente cuff from Diva

– Leopard print ring from Diva

– Owl ring

– Hematite necklace that belonged to my grandmother

I am wearing:

– Black wiggle dress from Living Doll

– Black zipper leggings from Rubi

– Black and white striped stilettos from Steve Madden

– Black and white striped cardi from Cotton On

– Black corset belt from Ross

– Black beaded earrings (made by my aunt)

– Snake ring from Equip

– Amethyst ring

– Spider ring

– Giant pink fake diamond ring from Queen Victoria Markets.


What are you loving this week, sweetheart?

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