Daily outfit: 26/9/2011

I am relieved to say that I have the day off today.  The university break is here, so there are no classes to go to today.  Also, I don’t work on Mondays, so I have one whole day to myself.  It’s been blissful.  I walked in the sunshine to the supermarket, and came home with ingredients for a stir-fry and a bag filled with fresh fruit.  I wrote letters and emails to some friends I haven’t caught up with in ages.  I started reading a new book.  I’ve also been doing heaps of work on my blog.


I didn’t plan on having today off, so it came as a lovely surprise.  My mother was supposed to be coming to the city to see me today.  However, my dad was upset that he wouldn’t get to see me for a couple of weeks, so the two of them drove down to visit me yesterday.  It was fantastic.  We went shopping and ate lunch at TGI Friday’s.  We played with my cat and drank cups of tea.  My mother shook her head while my father marvelled at my new Lego set.  We drove over to my brother’s house for a visit.  It was a fantastic day.  Now, even though I would have loved a shopping day with my mum, it is wonderful to have an entire day to devote to doing exactly what I want.  It’s bliss.


I am wearing:

– Velvet applique jacket (thrifted)

– Dangerfield striped jeans (thrifted)

– Teal sparkly top from Tree of Life.

– Brown studded platform shoes (thrifted)

-Black turban (thrifted)

Silver claw ring from Sportsgirl

– Blue glass beads (belonged to my grandmother)

– Red leopard-print ring from Diva.



What would you do if you had the day off?


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