Daily outfit: Dress Up For the Heck of it Day

Good evening to you, my gorgeous readers!  Today has been an utterly brilliant day.  I’ve gotten heaps of messages and emails from bloggers and readers alike to tell me that they’ve dressed up, just for the heck of it today.  I couldn’t be happier.  The whole point of this day was to encourage you, my readers, to stop making excuses for not dressing the way that you want to.  Everyone should have the opportunity to wear something that makes them feel gorgeous, something truly special.  I don’t believe in saving your special outfits for special occasions.  I think you should wear those outftis as often as possible, to get that awesome rush that comes from wearing something truly gorgeous as often as you can.  That’s what Dress Up For The Heck Ot It Day is all about.


I went to great pains to select an outfit for today.  As someone who dresses up regularly, it is sometimes tricky to choose a ‘special occasion’ outfit.  When you are usually more dressed up than the average woman, you sometimes have to put on something extra-fancy for those special occasions.  Today, I chose a bunch of my favorite garments which always make me feel like the cat’s pyjamas.  I added a towering hairdo and some lovely makeup to the mix.  To tell you the truth, I felt so happy with my outfit today, I couldn’t help throwing a little extra sashay into my walk.


So, what did this little blogger wear for Dress Up For The Heck of It Day?



I am wearing:

– Beauty School Dropout tee from Supre

– Pink pencil skirt (thrifted)

– Pink leopard print tights from Equip

– Ripped tights

– Comic book heels from Betts

– ROCK knuckleduster ring from Factorie

– Bunny ears (gift from Ross)

-Pink hair bow (handmade by me)

– Black beaded drop earrings (handmade by my aunt)

– Diamante cuff bracelet from Diva

– Studded cuff bracelet (gift from my brother)

– Corset belt (gift from Ross)

– Claw ring from Sportsgirl

– Daschund bag from Dangerfield

– Giant pink diamante ring from Queen Victoria Markets





I wore pink and black makeup, and tipped my eyelashes with drops of glitter, so that they sparkled with every flutter.


The gorgeous Natalie of XL as Life has posted her Dress Up For The Heck of it Day outfit here.  I encourage you to check it out.

If you participated in Dress Up For The Heck of It Day, I’d love to hear about it.  You can leave me a comment or send me an email.  If you blogged your outfit, send me a link and I’ll pass it on so that everyone can check it out!


I had a lovely day.  Ross and I went op-shopping and bought some fab stuff for our Halloween costumes.  We ate turkey sanwiches and watched Metalocalypse.  It was a really brillliant day.


I hope your day was just as awesome as mine!


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