Things I love Thursday 22/9/2011

Happy Thursday everybody. This week has been a major drain for me. I’ve been working extra shifts, I’ve got assignments due and writing projects pouring out my ears. In spite of that, there are loads of things that I’m loving this week.



– Impromptu outings. Last Sunday morning, Ross and I slept in until eleven. I blearily suggested that we head out for Yum Cha for lunch. We got dressed and out the door in record time, and had a lovely lunch together. It was wonderful.



– Metalocalypse. It’s rude and really gross, but I can’t help loving it. I think Toki is my favourite character, due to his childlike sweetness.



– Rosewater cupcakes.



– Watching How I Met Your Mother reruns with Sam. Also, looking up Robin Sparkles videos on Youtube. Have you seen “Let’s Go To The Mall” yet? Oh goodness me, it gives Rebecca Black a run for her money.



– Writing for hours and feeling completely happy.



– Mandie’s epic Saturday night beehive. It was magnificent.



– Cosmetics with hilarious names. I found a solid perfume at Ishka the other day called Heart Erection. It actually smelled rather pretty.



– Hot weather and massive thunderstorms. My house was shaking from the thunder the other night, and I lay in bed to listen to it. Magical.



– The fact that The Lion King is being re-released in 3D.



– Reminiscing about favourite TV shows from my childhood. In particular, I had a conversation with some friends this week about the show Raggy-Dolls. Do you remember that show, Aussie kiddies? Basically it was about a bunch of dolls that were rejects at the doll factory because they all had some kind of defect. For example, there was Back-To-Front, whose head faced backwards and Hi-Fi, who wore a walkman and stuttered. My friend Kath pointed out that her favourite character, Claude, was a reject because he was French. Mmmm, thinly veiled childhood racism.



– When my cat touches her nose to my nose and purrs.



– My dad’s over-enthusiasm about his new ipad.



– Floral hair garlands.



– Finally shedding thick, woolly layers in favour of floaty, feminine spring outfits.



– Desert Flower by Waris Dirie. I started reading this book yesterday, and I’m already more than a third of the way through it. I read it on the bus to and from work, during my lunch break, in bed last night and while I ate my dinner. I’ll write a proper review of it once I’m done, but so far, it’s amazing.



– Planning my outfit for Dress Up For The Heck of It Day. I can’t wait to hear from all the readers who will be participating.



What are you loving this week, sweet-pea?

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