Product review: Smashbox photo correcting primer

I’ve been meaning to review this product for ages, and just haven’t gotten around to it. But here it is- a very long-awaited review.



I got this primer at a Kit event last year. When the makeup artist pulled out the bottle, I immediately balked. “It’s green”, I uttered, with a tone of disgust. “I know”, replied the makeup artist, “Just trust me”. I’m so glad I did, because this is now one of my favorite makeup products. I am yet to find another primer that even comes close to this one.

First of all, let me address the odd shade of this primer. Most other primers I’ve seen are clear, white or pink. The green hue of this one is a little off-putting at first. However, the product is green for a reason. The green tone counteracts redness in the complexion, to give a more even finish. I tend to get a bit of redness on my cheeks and sometimes around my nose. I also blush very easily, so I was drawn to this product because of its promise to tone down my redness. This primer really does deliver with this claim too. The effect isn’t dramatic, but it’s certainly present. When I’m wearing this primer, my cheeks and nose look a lot less pink. I find this effect is particularly noticeable in photographs. Also, it’s worth noting that the primer doesn’t look green once you’ve applied it to your face, so you can let go of any fears you might have about looking like The Wicked Witch of the West.



The Smashbox primer is really easy to apply. Simply squirt a little onto your fingers or a foundation brush and smooth it all over your face. It has a really silky texture, and spreads easily. Leave the primer to set for a moment, and then apply your base over the top.



This primer helps my foundation to go on smoothly and blend more easily. I also find that when I use this product, I don’t need to use as much foundation to get a full, even coverage. It also gives my makeup excellent staying power. I can apply in the morning, be on the run all day and in the evening my base is still in place. This primer is also oil-free, and I find that it helps to control the oiliness of my skin during the day. I like the fact that it doesn’t really have a scent. I have very sensitive skin, and this product doesn’t irritate it at all.



I’m smitten by the packaging as well. It comes in a handy pump pack. It’s really hygienic, because you aren’t putting your fingers into the bottle all the time. It’s also easy to control the amount that you use, so there’s no wastage. Best of all, there’s a plunger at the bottom of the package that pushes upwards with each pump, so you get every last drop of product out of the bottle.



I spent $54.95 on this primer, but I believe that it’s worth every last cent. You don’t have to use very much at a time, so it’s excellent value for money. I’ve had this bottle for nine months now, and there’s still a bit left. The fact that it minimizes the amount of foundation you need to use also increases it’s value. I believe that the Smashbox primer is reasonably priced for it’s quality and performance. If you’re looking for an amazing primer, that’s easy to use and performs brilliantly, this is the one I’d recommend.

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