Things I Love Thursday 15/9/2011

This week, I love:


– Meat pies. The weather has gone back to being freezing this week, which has left me craving comfort food. One of my favorite cold-weather comfort foods is a hot meat pie. My favorite brand is Sargents, for two reasons. Firstly, I think they’re the best-tasting pies you can buy. The meat is really chunky and the gravy is so tasty. The second reason is that, years ago, there used to be a Sargents’ advertisement on T.V, which featured a Springer Spaniel that looked exactly like the dog my family had when I was a little girl.



– Fresh fruit, particularly mandarins, which have been gorgeous so far this year.



– Long baths with lavender and ylang ylang.



– The Wizard of Oz. I’m having an Oz-themed costume party this weekend, and I’ve been working very hard on my outfit. I can’t wait to share it with you all.



– Holding Ross’s hand, and seeing his fingers entwined with mine.



– This article from Cracked, which outlines the reasons why the greatest movie villain is a ‘good’ witch. I’m also a huge fan of this video, which discusses how your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle says a lot about your personality. It also draws some pretty interesting parallels between TMNT and Sex and The City.



– Flicking through glossy magazines, and adding to my ‘things to buy’ wishlist.



– Super-organized classmates. I’m currently working on a psychological research project, with a group of nine other students. This week, we’ve got a major assignment due, and there have been one or two people in my group that have just been so fantastic with getting the project together. It’s taken a lot of the stress out of finishing this assignment.



– Finding old photographs of my parents, and marveling over my dad’s hairdo.



– Lovely blog feedback from long-time and new readers.



– Cleaning out my room. I feel so organized after throwing away a huge stack of rubbish I no longer need, and making a big pile of stuff to flog on ebay.



– Ballet slippers.



– Huge, ornate Tudor-style rings.



– Colouring with fat crayons.



What do you love this week, gorgeous?

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