Things I Love Thursday 1/9/2011

Holy krump!  How can it be September already!?  I’m glad that Spring is here, but sheesh, it feels like winter has only just started. Honestly 2011, just hold your horses a bit.  There’s no need to race towards December at breakneck speed.


This week, I love:

– Spending an afternoon shopping with my family. My parents visited the city last weekend, and we all went on a shopping trip together. There was plenty of joking and laughing, and it was great to have the four of us together again.



– My mum climbing out of the car, scowling, and exclaiming, “Your bush really needs a trim!” Even though she was referring to the overgrown lavender bush by my front gate, everyone thought she meant something much dirtier, and much raucous laughter ensued.



– My brother. My younger brother is such an awesome guy. He’s funny and smart, and I just feel a sense of awe at the amazing person he’s grown into. I’m so proud to be his sister.



– Eating cupcakes from Little Cupcakes in Degreaves Street.



– Shaun of the Dead.



– Housemates who leave surprise ice creams in the freezer for you.



– Watching my cat sleep in the sunshine.



– Spending a morning scrubbing the house until it’s looking spick and span.



– Buying new books for myself.



– Realising that Tank Girl is set in Australia, and being amazed that I never knew that before.



– Axe Cop. A guy who works at one of my favorite comic book stores turned me onto this web series. Axe Cop is a character created by a five-year-old boy. His older brother asks him questions about Axe Cop and then turns them into comic strips. It’s hilarious,



– Sweet messages from my boyfriend.



– Evenings when I have the entire house to myself. I love chilling with my housemate, but sometimes complete solitude is bliss.



– Cocker spaniel puppies.



– The busker I saw last Friday night. She was playing the theme from Beauty and the Beast on the piano, and it was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.



– British shorthair cats. I went to visit an old gentleman this week for my psych project, and he had the most gorgeous British shorthair cat named Lily. She was so friendly and sweet. Ross’s mother also has a British shorthair, who is named Oscar, and he’s super-cute. They have the loveliest pushed-in faces and thick, plush fur. Gorgeous.



– Gala Darling got married last month, and she’s just posted her wedding video. I have to admit that I teared up a little watching it.



– Little kids who wear glasses.



– This video, which shows every outfit worn by Cher Horowitz from Clueless in sixty seconds.



– Being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.



What are you loving this week?

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