How to have an excellent Saturday

– Get up relatively early.



– East breakfast while your cat snuggles on your lap.


– Get dressed in a pretty dress, a warm coat and cute shoes.



– Paint your lips pink.



– Take the bus into the city, and read a horror novel the whole way there.



– Walk about with no real agenda, just go wherever your feet take you.



– Explore laneways and marvel at street art.



– Visit Tiffanies, put on your best Audrey Hepburn accent and flutter your lashes at the doorman.



– Stroll through the designer clothing district, and give yourself a pat on the back when you don’t feel any desire to enter any of the stores.


– Order yourself a cupcake. Then realize that nobody is there to judge you, and order a second cupcake.


– Eat both cupcakes slowly, savoring the icing. Dab your lips delicately with a napkin and then re-apply your lipgloss.



– Visit a supposedly haunted bookstore. Feel slightly disappointed that you don’t see any ghosts.



– Lament over the cost of vintage clothing, and thank your lucky stars that you have a stylish mother to give you her hand-me-downs.



– Order a glass of wine with lunch and get slightly squiffy.


– Feel cranky that one of your favorite jewellery stores has been replaced by a crappy chain boutique. Cheer yourself up by listening to the jazz ban that’s playing outside.



– Glide through second-hand bookstores, glancing at the titles on the worn spines.



– Get your makeup done at a department store and leave feeling prettier than ever.



– Get a one hour massage. Luxuriate in the feeling of the knots melting out of your shoulders.



– Go home and change into a comfy tracksuit.



– Brew a cup of coffee and sip it while reading an awesome comic book.



– Do yoga while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



– Cook spaghetti for tea.



– Chat to your boyfriend on the phone. Make him laugh with delightful anecdotes from your day.



– Run a bath, pop on a facial mask and soak until your skin turns pruney.



– Throw on your favorite P.Js and slip between the clean sheets on your bed. Fall into a blissful, deep sleep.



What would you do to make your Saturday excellent?

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